I think I'm in the most trouble!!!

Ying Yang

Purred: Wed Nov 25, '09 7:40pm PST 
Ok when I was a little younger I didn't chew at all I was soo good. Then this bad lady at the place 2 leggers call the vet took me and did a very bad thing. . . I don't have to explain. I can't stop needing to chew after that happened. My mommy has this big thing she likes to sit on along with everyone else I just looked at it and took a bite at it but I guess I got carried away and shredded the whole thing. Mommy got very mad and said "now I need to buy a new couch!" Then mommy brought in this nice smelling one that smelt as if made from rawhide. I bit it too and boy did it taste good. But mommy got mad again saying "my new leather couch!!!" So now we do not have those big tasty things anymore but I found this fluffy stuff on the ground and couldn't resist. It tasted funny but felt good through my teeth. But mommy got mad again "THE CARPET" she says. So now mommy won't let me stay out when she leaves. I have to be in this big metal thing until she comes back. My sister is upset with me because since she doesn't do what I do she gets to stay out so we can't play together. I know I'm a trouble maker.


Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Purred: Wed Dec 2, '09 10:02am PST 
Sounds like you were having a ball. I got penned up too when Momma and Pops leave. But they also put Ruby in the crate because they didn't want me to feel bad. I get really sad when I don't see anyone. I start barking and crying. So, now Ruby and I have side by side crates. This has solved that problem.

I never ate the carpet but when the couch cousions don't have the material on them I like to eat the exposed yellow and white stuffin'. The only time the couch cousions are bare is when they have to be cleaned after I decide to go to the bathroom on them. WHAT!?!

I have also eated a thrown for a drum set...it's like the stool you sit on. There is a bigger hole than cousion left --BOL!