Mr. Hershey Bear's Thanksgiving lesson


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Hello class!
Sorry that I haven't been around for a while but you guys are smart enough to jump right back in to lots of learning!!!
For Thanksgiving this year everyone has to hand in a nice little essay explaining everything that they are thankful for. I will be looking for something well written, thoughtful, creative, and meaningful. When everyone has passed their essays in I will pick a winner for the best essay! The winner will be picked somewhere around Thanksgiving day so after you post make sure you check back to see if you won!
Good luck everyone! Come up with some great ideas! Winner will get a prize! way to go


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Hi Mr. Hershey Bear! wave

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Essay? Homes work? *Buddy stomping around, pouting (not even knowing what an essay is).* I thought that Thanksgiving was about fooood? Mmmm, food. Oh, wait and my Barkday (I was borned on Nov 23rd). Well fine, if I have to do the homes work....

I am thankful for...

1.) Pacey, my big sis. She is always right there for me every step of the way. She is my role model, although sometimes I wish she would get a little dirty and roll around in the cat poo with me (she just looks at me like I'm crazy or something, Bol).

2.) My chew toys. I love my toys, they are so much fun to beat up every day. I give them a good toss everyday, to make sure those mean toys know whose boss around here.

3.) My poodle family and friends. I would not be the poodle I am today without the guidence of my parti poodle pack. That includes my Mama Beatrix, I for sure would not be the poodle I am without you to show me the way. I luvs you Mama Bea!kissing

4.) My lamby bed. Oh, I love my lamby bed, it's so warm and cozy. I think I'll take a break and nap for a while.

**Buddy yawning and stretching, oh yeah, my homes work**

5.) Oh yeah, I almost forgots my MOM. I loves my mom, she does everything for me. She gives me bath, and food and water and treats. I love treats. She gives me lamby bed and takes me to see my parti pack. And what else, oh yeah, she just plain luvs me no matter what!

Was that an essay Professor Hershey? I never do an essay before, so I just write what I thankful for.

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Me LOVE you!
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Oh that NICE essay!! Look what me little nephew Buddy Gorgeous woof!! blue dogblue dog

Me think him genius woof huh?

*Beatrix sticking gold sticky stars all over Buddy Gorgeous...Buddy giggling sticking stars on they stick stickers on the classroom still giggling*

It gold star sticky day!!hamster dancehamster dancehamster dance

My Angel:- "Buddy"- Gorgeous

My dog wags his- tail with his- heart
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Mmmm gold star stickiesblue dog Thanks Mama Beatrix, that was yummy. I was supposed to eat it right?big laugh Look everypup, my other Mama gives me gold star. Who else wants to eat gold star? Watch out for the pointy partsparty


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Great job Buddy, that was surely an essay. Would you like some bonus points for all of the slobber you left on the paper?
laugh out loud
Thanks to Beatrix and Buddy, now our classroom is all decorated for Christmas with pleanty of gold stars! shock You know what that means? We are way ahead of schedule! applause Awesome job!

WARNING: if we don't get anymore essays turned in soon then everyone will fail this grading period and Buddy will win the contest!!!! confusedthinking What will happen??? BOL

Hello Jeannie! wave Long time no talk! What are you Thankful for this year??????


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I'm very grateful for fireplace....wonderful lights....and love. I like spreading love around every day is some way. The Beatles were right....all's we need is love. This isn't a long essay....but short and sweet.....well, that's me!


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Wonderful Sumo! You have a great point of view towards our world. I think so far we have a tie between the two of you, unless any one else turns in thier essays.....hint hint. big grin