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Magnolia- Blossum- Lickitysplit

Fastest Thing at- Wall Level
Purred: Wed Nov 18, '09 8:55pm PST 
Well I'm just planning my menu for my big Thanksgiving dinner next Wednesday. Yes I know it's a day early but I figured every one would want to check in on their families on Thanksgiving itself. I assume mew and Violet and the thunderbabies are all coming. I invited Maynard and family as well. Meowmie reports the ceramic sale at school seems to have gone fairly well. Her back started hurting in a different spot. She's getting really tired of it. Auntie Catherine and Uncle Alex and Cousin Clawber had to move in with our other Great Grandpurrents. If Auntie Catherine can't find a job soon, Uncle Alex may have to go to Springfield and work for his father fur a bit. He's a contractor or something.


Purred: Thu Nov 19, '09 2:51am PST 
No, Joe. Actually Grandma lives in the city just a couple of miles from us. But there are hills across the street and the river from us, but we only look at them from out our back kitchen door. Daddy smiles at us and says:"Watch out my darlings, beyond these hills there be dragons." And we just shake our heads and patiently wait for him to snag his toe in the cuff of his pajamas and go sailing across the He's one in a million alright.laugh out loud

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Purred: Thu Nov 19, '09 4:32am PST 
big laughbig laughbig laugh Your poor Daddy! Purrhaps he should invest in some high-water pajamas or some without cuffs....Speaking of socks (:^smile, Mommi found a brand new two pairs still in the package and hid them in her sock drawer!shock They were brown, and besides, Ro like s white. And speaking of shoes (thinking) Mommi is contemplating the permanent banishment of all her high heels to the thrift store, even the twenty-some year old Italian ones!eek We'll believe it when we see it.
Daisy Mae---have you had an MRI done on your back? That is how Mommi found out about her spinal degeneration---she tried to pick up a heavy Christmas box and put it down suddenly as something in her head said, "Put it down!"). The next day she had no feeling in her upper right leg. After an MRI, the docs found an ruptured disc.eek
Not to frighten you, but maybe you had better have disc disease ruled out? Sorry to stick my flat nose into your business, but we just care about you is all.
PS: Joe Thunderbear is a noodle-head
little angel


Purred: Fri Nov 20, '09 3:13am PST 
Oh, Maggie..........we are so sorry to hear your Mommy's back is acting up. Daddy's foot is bugging him some, but he's done so much running at work the last couple of days he says it's no wonder. Just a little stiff and slightly numb at times, but at least it really doesn't hurt if he stubs his toe on the wall. And don't throw out those Italian hi-heels............they could be worth some bucks,.


Purred: Fri Nov 20, '09 9:43am PST 
Hello Vee Vee-ienne !!!


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Purred: Sat Nov 21, '09 3:55am PST 
Hi Patts, my furry best furriend!kissing

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