Do any of you get snow like we do here?

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Izzy Always- an Angel- 2006-2007

eyes never lie
Purred: Sat Nov 14, '09 1:11pm PST 
we gets lots of it, and mom and dad make snow mans and snow kittys.. do you have snow

Opie- T-bear--In- Loving- Memory

Lord Opie the- Elegant
Purred: Sat Nov 14, '09 5:13pm PST 
Sometimes down here in the Ozarks, Fall just turns cold and then it's Spring. again. Other times we get up to 18 inches of snow (or 400 cm for yous scientists out there....we THINK our math is right....)-When Mommi lived in Northern Maine on the Air Force base as a child, we got FEETS of snow!big grin

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Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Purred: Sun Nov 15, '09 12:40am PST 
Meowmie always says every year, she wishes she could go visit the snow at least one day a winter, just to feel it's renewing powers. I've never seen it as we don't get it here except on furry rare occasions on the mountains but the level has to be below 2000 feet fur that to happen. I'd like to see it one day. If only cos Meomwie makes it sound beautiful.


Purred: Sun Nov 15, '09 2:52am PST 
We get a little snow here. Probably about 10 inches on the average. But the mountains to our East and North where the ski resorts are really rake (or shovel) it in. Of course if conditions are right we can get more sometimes. Wonder how they knew to build those ski resorts right where it'd snow?thinkingconfusedsmile

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

Purred: Sun Nov 15, '09 5:13am PST 
Opie Thunderbear, you mean 47 centimeters. You are a dingfod.
---Professor Josef Thunderbear.
Getting back to snow, last year we only got a couple of inches. We are waiting for the Big One this year.cheercheercheer Up in Maine, we never got "snow days" from school,; we would slide our way to school on the ice covering the road!shock When we lived in Omaha, and my human Grandpa worked on nuclear missiles (he was in the Strategic Air Command), we had lots of snow there, too. And tumbleweeds in the


Sweetest Little- Kitty Ever
Purred: Sun Nov 15, '09 5:07pm PST 
It is snowing and snowing out there today! It is fun to see it from inside the windows! Last year we got way too much snow, but maybe this year it will be just a nice carpet.


Purred: Mon Nov 16, '09 2:45am PST 
Daddy wishes that we'd get just one real good snow storm this year. The last one was a crippling storm in the winter of 93-94. Three feet of snow and temps 20 below zero. No power for ten days in the country.shockeek

China- Thunderbear

Little Tasmanian- Devil
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if you can't- beat, run fast
Purred: Mon Nov 16, '09 5:34am PST 
good griefy, me send you lots of snow, I be glad to share, when I was a stray before grammy, I had to get through the snow to find foods.. sometimes we get 2 to 3 feets of snow in over night blizzard and it stays all winter, we gets snowed in.. we share with you


Purred: Wed Nov 18, '09 12:06am PST 
That would be real pawsome of you We live in the city so we usually don't get more than 2 or 3 inches at a time if that. frown Think we should "Fed Ex" it here, Scrappy?smile

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