Our "Royal Highness", Tordi, passed away today at age 19.

Tordi (In- Loving- Memory)

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After over 19 years, 18 of which were spent in our family, Tordi was put to sleep. She had lost a lot of weight recently, and despite her being very old and rusty and living well beyond the average life expectancy for a feline, we had her go in for one last vet exam to rule out any potentially curable ailment that could have been cleared up to allow her to live out her days until she could pass away naturally.

Unfortunately, the vet gave my mother the news yesterday that Tordi's kidneys were failing, and that her condition meant she was in a lot of pain during her waking hours. Mom took her home to run the final decision past family, but we all agreed to have her go in as soon as possible, to end her suffering.

I wish I could have been with her when the time came, but a lot has changed since I was 9 years old and Tordi was adopted, and I now live several provinces away. I asked my mother to make sure my dad was there with her, too (he was very much 'her human'), and that she be held and told how much we all love her as she went to sleep. I felt that Tordi deserved that much from us, for all of the love and personality she brought into our lives. She will be dearly missed.

As with our cat Siona, Tordi will be cremated, her urn and purrsonal items kept with special care by our family.



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I'm very sorry your Tordi has gone to the Bridge. Our Whitey left us three weeks ago and maybe he will see Tordi and show her around and tell her she will never be sick again but always young and happy . We miss our Whitey so much..... My mama still feels alone even though she has me.

Tordi (In- Loving- Memory)

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From what my mother tells me, I feel that Tordi knew it would soon be her time. I think she hung on for as long as she did, still finding small joys in life, because she was with the people who loved her, and who she loved... and also because she was a very stubborn lady.

Mom told me that she would curl up close to my dad when he slept, in her last few days, and that when they were at the vet to put her to sleep, she buried herself in the blanket my mom was holding her in and was purring. Even though I know not all purring is 'happy' purring, I've never known Tordi to purr except during the things she liked and let us know she wanted more of: pats, brushing, meal time, etc. I think she was content and ready to go. Usually it takes the anesthesia a few minutes, but my mother says she felt Tordi's heart stop right away.

Still, we are all grieving and have cried our fair share of tears.

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I am so sorry for your loss.