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In Memory of- Miss Clover- Louis

Talk of the Town
Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 6:11pm PST 
Hey every body why don't we all share stories about what we are Thankful for and our favorite Thanksgiving memories. Also, talk about what you are doing this year for Thanksgiving. I say all of us get together and make a huge dinner feast we can all share.

Starry-ied- Top Tux by- the Bay

always a- champion
Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 6:12pm PST 
Maybe Miss Clover will share her recipe for Stuffing Thanksgiving Balls, they are so good.


Her motto is
Purred: Tue Nov 3, '09 8:49pm PST 
I can tell you what I am thankful for. Ready? I am thankful for my family cuz they love me. For my best-friend-sister, Lily cuz I love her. My friend on dogster cuz I love them, and all my dogster friends again, cuz they love me too.


Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 7:55am PST 
mom has to work the wednesday before and Thanksgiving so she will cook turkey another day!she always cooks the gizzards seperate for uspuppypuppy

Brandy- (1995-2012)

Luv to bark !
Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 9:03am PST 
I am so thankful for my home and my family and a mommy who luvs me so much that she doesnt mind getting up at the wee hours of in the morning ( between 3:30- 3:45) to let me out and feed me and I bark until I get fed. I dont realize what time it is anymore and thik that as soon as I wake up, i should get to eat.... cloud 9cloud 9


Born to Love- Diamond
Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 9:58am PST 
we are so excited Auntie Joy is fixing a big dinner and I get to go ..well they are sneaking me in cuz no dogs allowed in her apt. but I have to go with my Mommie everywhere, and we will bring treats to Susie and Jack and Roxie..I am thankful for Mommie and my fur bro and sissy's .We have a wonderful home and I wish that all the other doggies could come here and live, and we are so grateful for all our friends here in this group and all of dogster, every one is so nice to us and treats like we are royalty..Loves to all our friends...wavehug


He's my Best- Friend
Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 10:00am PST 
wavefriends hmm I hope Miss Clover shares her recipe sounds delicious...I am thankful for my new family, I love it here and except for them taking "Baby Bear" and hiding him, I loves loves my new fur bro and sissy's...and My Mommie Shelley I can't lives without her...hug

Bud-Man da- Bad

I am King of da- Bad Boyzzzzzz!
Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 11:36am PST 
I am thankful fur all my Dogster friends!! And, that momma adopted us, and gives us a warm, safe place to live. And, for all the belly rubs, and ear skritches!! I 'specially love those!! I am also, believe it or not, grateful for Paris and Beau!! Without them, I would be just momma's snuggle boy!! They keep me on my toes, and help me get into trouble (yeah, like I need help with that!! hehehe). But, I 'specially am thankful fur momma!! She feeds us, takes care of us, takes us to the Vet-man (ewww) when we are sick, and need help! I love momma!!

And, fur thanksgiving, we are just staying home. Us, momma, and Gamma will celebrate together. Love it!

Lady Sophie- of the Great- Hunt

The Baby!
Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 12:24pm PST 
I'z thankful for my family, all my furbros and sis's...and even da kitty furs. They are fun to harass...I mean play with, yeah, play with. smile

I'z thankful for all my furiends here at dogster and my Momma and Daddy and Grammy who's bib I get to clean off every day.way to go I'z thankful to have my Daddy home from da hospital and the wonderful fall weather we've been having this last week. It is beautious!

Life is good for this spoiled little dog...hey, I didn't say dat! Da Momma's puttin words in my mouth. I'z not spoiled, I'z just da baby and dats da way it is when you're da baby.dancing

In Memory of- Miss Clover- Louis

Talk of the Town
Purred: Wed Nov 4, '09 3:54pm PST 
Ahs, I am so thankful for all you wonderful fur friends, I even Kinda like the cats, even though topper t is scared of them. You are all the best friends a girl could ever have! I will send my stuffing ball recipe as soon as Mom has time to type it. I sure wish I could do the typing. Does anybody else have a recipe they like to cook?

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