SUNDAY REPORT by Violett the Batttlecat

Violett, In- Loving- Memory

The First True- Battlecat
Purred: Sun Nov 1, '09 3:35am PST 
V.Thunderbear, reporter at large and small.
Well, things have sorta gotten normal around here. We could not bear being on Catster for a few days; We thank you muchly for your kind sentiments
Eve Joe Thunderbear
has gotten over his obnoxis *poo*-ing front of the front door (*ewwwwwwwwwwwww*) boys!
Our house seems so much larger; Opie's presence was so big. Joe is making some new friends high, and an chasing butterfies Oh, Azurine (BLuie), remember our trip to Mexico? It sure was exciting.happy dancehappy dancehappy dance
As for the Hallowe'en party, we think it would be a happy occasion---and the food! Turkey (turkey seems to be a staple at our house), apples, and many carved pumpkins!kitty
Lets heare from all of yalls--It's been alittle difficult for us, taking time to mourn Opie the T.,
But we think a party is just the ticket for cheering us all up!
Violett the Battlecat for the Daily Tattle-Rag
PS: we love Opie Thunderbearfrownsmile

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

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Our computer has taken a leave of absece, or our keybord or something.shock
We meant tpsay Opie hass made new friends on high, a bunch of new kitty friends-----as far as these computers go,---comp[uters
naughty Dag Nab It!shock

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Itty Bitty- Kitty- (Martha- Anne)

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Thank goodness for Azurine----she throws the best partyin the ::we cant wait!! partypartypartyparty

Azurine- Ambrosia

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my typist has been very busy. someone threw a kitty cat away in our yard and her had a very hurt paw. Mommy had to live trap her and take her to the vet so she could not type until today. We are glad you are getting back to normal . We knows how hard that is.. I try to set up a Day after party.. ok.. frown

Magnolia- Blossum- Lickitysplit

Fastest Thing at- Wall Level
Purred: Sun Nov 1, '09 3:51pm PST 
Opie is quite the star among his furrends in heaven. The three thunderbear kittens follow him around when he's not looking. I've never seen such a busy kitty. He's managed to make time fur everyone. And new furrends beside. Oh that reminds me. I have to ask Maynard and Church to come to tea next Saturday if they can. I've not asked them in a while.


Purred: Mon Nov 2, '09 1:08am PST 
Opie and I have hit it off quite well. He's already found the best places to snooze in the sun and even showed me some I hadn't noticed before. Of course being the expert on food that I am, since I'm always "starvinful" I have showed him the coldest milk stream and how to catch those scrumptious fishie treats that roll off the hillside. Yes, I'd say we're fast becoming the best of friends. I've even taken to wearing a forest green scarf my own