Lets have a celebration of Opies Life

Azurine- Ambrosia

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little angelshare any memories you have of Opie since you have come to know him. I met Opie almost 6 years ago.I remember him always cleaning up Applepie Joes, mess, when he gets in trouble with his mommie, and the trips we took to Arizona, running away from our mommies and how he and Violet would get Applepie Joe. I remember what a sweet boy he was and how kind he was..


Speed Racer
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We remember Opie as the elegant kerchief wearing kitty. His mommi said that sometimes he would pretend to limp to get more kitten chow. Bartholomew tried that but it didn't work on our mommie.
We miss you Opie,
Annie and the Clan

Itty Bitty- Kitty- (Martha- Anne)

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One time when we were having a tornado a few miles from our city Opie kept trying to catch the mouse of the weatherman on the TV... He should have been embarrassed that he didn't know it was inside the TV becaue he just kept standing up in front of the TV trying to catch that mouse... I think there is a picture of that on his page. He was not always the smartest kitty in our clan..
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tee hee
Itty (who secretly loved Opie very much even though I hissed at him every time he came near me)

Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
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Opie was one of the first kitties I met when I joined my family on Catster. The TBears are all special to us, but to me somehow Opie was the most special. I'm not sure I can explain it. Just sometimes mew see a kitty and mew know there is something furry special about them. I bet mew he's one of those who get wings almost immediately.


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I never got to meet Opie in person, but through all of our various adventures here, he seemed to me to be a part of my family. And sure......some might have taken him for a dandy because of the fancy scarves that he preferred to wear, but that was just part of his special personality.............and also a very clever disguise. I'm pretty sure we all know who was responsible for all those missing flamethrowers and anvils of Joe's. Why don't we all lift a mug of 'nip ale and celebrate the life and times of one of the best kitties that ever was. smilelittle angel


Don't tell me no
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Opie was always nice to me and bro-fur. I am sad i didn't get to know hims better. **purrs** cry

Angel Pie- Joe in- Loving- Memory

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big grin I rmember that Opie was pretty aloof, except when strangers came about and he would jump off his table and strut about the living room trying to get them to pet him. He know he was gorgeous! Also, he wald pretend to limp when he wanted a treat. And, if Mommi was opening a can of tuna in the kitchenk he would say "Meow?" -- his meaows always ended with a question mark. We sure do miss him....frown


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And he was smart too. I think I remember once that he did a New York Times crossword puzzle in genuine ink. He'll never really be gone you know, everyone. They'll always be a part of him in all of us. We love you, Opie.kissing


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Opie was the brain behind the Opie-Z-Cat-Words

He was sweet and gentle and a real "ladies"man. Kinda of a Cat-Frank Sinatra or a Tom-George Clooney.

He flirted and laughed and we had FUN with him and his furrmily.

That's what Opie will always be to us : fun, sweet, gentle and a real looker !

Fly high Opie, give Praline a kiss when you meet at rainbow bridge