Hiya!! Miss u much


Not enough time- in a day!
Purred: Thu Oct 15, '09 9:22am PST 
Hi kits!! I know we haven't been around..mom had a baby and has been quite busy! We missed all of you guys and was suggested to start a facebook--that it is easier to keep in touch that way...so Mom did and we wanted to pass on the word in case any of you kits or your mom's had a facebook too...we would love to keep in touch.

http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/liamtylersmommy?ref=nam e

Eventually...mom would like to let us come back on the ocassional wed. for purr meetings...but daddy says that's negotiable! LOL!! Well, we miss you all dearly-much love!


Not enough time- in a day!
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oops..it's been so long...i meant to put this in the messages below and can't figure out how to delete this. Sorry!!!!


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Hi Leo
So many CONGRATULATIONS to Mom and you family on the new baby ... we hope to see again soon in the group!!


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We understand Leo! ConCATs and hope to see you soon!