Smoke having his 20th Birthday Party!

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Purred: Mon Oct 12, '09 10:38pm PST 
party You're invited to join the party and it's all month long. Wahooooo! And this black cat is still ready to PARTEEElaugh out loud


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Purred: Tue Oct 20, '09 11:59am PST 
Well happy happy birthday! 20 is a big milestone. Hope its a good one. snoopy Oh yeah, and black cats rule!

★Angel Smoke '1989 - 2010'★

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Purred: Wed Oct 21, '09 6:14pm PST 
Max, yes Black Cats rule. I've been partying real good today, laying on my Mom's chair and my forehead down on it. I think I have a headache.naughty like someone wacked me on the head. I'll be okay, especially with friends like you.kissing

★Angel Smoke '1989 - 2010'★

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Purred: Sun Dec 20, '09 11:21pm PST 
I know, I know the picture isn't me.

It's my furiend Misha who we lost and so I made an ornament for honoring him. I also lost Girl and Alexander and so I'm havin' a blue Christmas.

But anyway, I've missed you all and have been sick. With all the purrs I should get better. I'm still hanging in there. I still rub up against meowmy and daddy when they put there heads down in front of me.

Check out my page, It's a Winter Wonderland and boy howdy, I'm gonna have a White Christmas here. We have snow coming.

Love and Purrs,

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I'm turning 15 today