Please Help Blind Cat Rescue

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Purred: Fri Oct 9, '09 9:39am PST 
Our favorite rescue, Blind Cat Rescue of NC, is in the running for the prize money in the Animal Rescue Site's rescue contest. One of Alana the director's next project is to renovate a cat house to provide a home for needy FeLV kitties. Wouldn't that be wonderful??

You can help make this a reality.

Blind Cat Rescue is now in 47th place among literally thousands of rescues in the Animal Rescue Site's contest!!!! Wow!!!! We're still first among the North Carolina rescues, too.

Please, please, please pass the word to everyone you know - to groups - to friends - to family - and ask them to vote for BCR every day. It's so fast and so very easy.

Here's the link:

Just click on the purple button at the top and help feed rescue animals throughout the country.

On the next page, there will be a link at the top to vote for your favorite shelter. Click there.

On the following page, enter Blind Cat Rescue in the shelter name box and put NC in for the state. Click vote. You'll have to verify the name of an animal from a photo on the next page, just to prove you're a real human person. smile It's that easy!

Please help BCR win some prize money so they can help the FeLV cats, too! Together, we can make it happen!!!

Bless you!!!!!