kitty smells?

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Pete DB #117

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Purred: Sun Jan 3, '10 11:14am PST 
These are all good suggestions and I will have to tell meowmy about them. the La De Da lamp I havent heard of but will tell mom to look into that one. We use Tidy Cat Multiple for small spaces and baking soda with it. We have three litter boxes (mom likes the covered ones) and mom cleans them three times a day. Of course as soon as she cleans them we all want to go use them! Cant help a kitty for wanting to use a clean box! MOL Mom loves keeping William Sonoma mulling spices on the stove and she hs lots of Village candles she burns too.
Mom like the dryer sheet idea around the litter box. Us cats prefer to use the yard but in the winter we are inside lots more!


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Purred: Tue Jan 5, '10 7:35pm PST 
Another thing that really works is febreeze fabric refresher. Mom sprays it on the rug by our potty, and on any fabric in the room, and it makes it smell nice & fresh in there, and she sprays the fabric shower curtain with it too. She says it makes things smell nice, but I know it is to help for my stinky brother Tigger.

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Be careful with candles, Pete's Mommy, once a long time ago Mama used candles and one day PurrSister, RainCloud, caught her wigglie tail on fire shock I wasn't bornded yet so I didn't get to see that cry Ergo, end of candles.

Besides the other post from me, Mama has also put Renuzit pop-ups near the intake and exhaust vents. Mama has even tossed a good smellie dryer sheet on the air intake vent and it just stuck there shock til the blower went off thinking

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