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Callie Rose

I See You
Purred: Mon Sep 28, '09 8:56am PST 
Who want a membership card sign up here its will look like mine
Thank you

Goldie Our- Angel

I`m cute don`t- you think I am?
Purred: Mon Sep 28, '09 8:59am PST 
we want cards oh yes we do

Goldie 718474
Handsome 824835
TomTom 577776
Bee 1019530

Little J.

He must be- talking about- our Little J.
Purred: Tue Sep 29, '09 12:57pm PST 
I definately want a membership cardkitty


Southern Charm- straight from- the Farm!
Purred: Tue Sep 29, '09 12:59pm PST 
Could I get one of those Nifty Membership Cards? cloud 9

Ruby Dust

Who says dogs- aren't people- too?
Purred: Tue Sep 29, '09 1:00pm PST 
Thank you Miss Goldie for inviting us to your fun group.
I would love to have a membership card! blue dog

Miss- Sable-Kitty

Miracle Child
Purred: Wed Sep 30, '09 7:15pm PST 
Oooooh, pawlease & thank you, we would lo-oooove to have membership cards too!

Miss Sable Kitty

big grin big grin big grin

♥- Kahn- ♥

Purred: Thu Oct 1, '09 2:29am PST 
Your membership cards are almost ready we are just putting on the final touches

♥- Kahn- ♥

Purred: Thu Oct 1, '09 3:01am PST 
Here they are, hope you like then





Little J


Miss Goldie

Miss Sable

Ruby Dust

Tom Tom

Jerry- (Sweet- Angel)

Purred: Wed Oct 28, '09 4:19pm PST 
Walker ID# 855441
Alexandria ID# 855460
Molly ID# 855465
Pookah ID# 855474
Edwina(Eddy) ID# 855507
Emily ID# 85516
Nelly Bell May ID# 855526
Morris ID# 855611
Cleopatra Grace ID# 855620
Nekko ID# 855630
Itsumo ID# 855638
Jerry ID# 986602
We would each like one please. Thank you. kitty

Krickette- CGC TDI

Snowbabie from- Idaho
Purred: Fri Oct 30, '09 9:23pm PST 
Hi Callie Rose, I am new here Could I please have one of those pretty membership cards I really like them.

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