CAFE du ROUGE - Open For Business

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Baci a Red- *Angel*

I AM Smiling!- It's the Red- Tabby Look
Purred: Sat Sep 19, '09 8:33am PST 
Let's Pawty Red Style - and nothing is REDiculous.

Monday-Tuesday Special: Ruby red snapper buffet

Wednesday-Thursday Special: Red Meowtini's Over the Red Rocks

FurEyeDay Special: Bring your beach towel & we'll lounge on the white sands of the beach for a Beach Pawty with Hawaiian Tropicatical RED punch and RED melon and maybe a bunch of red sunburned meowsters!!
hamster dance

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Baci a Red- *Angel*

I AM Smiling!- It's the Red- Tabby Look
Purred: Tue Sep 22, '09 9:01am PST 
Cafe doors are open for biz - we got a huge giant buffet of deeeeeelicious foods for us reddies.

I see red snapper in tacos, I see red snapper soufle, I see red snapper loaf, I see red snapper quiche, I see red snapper muffins, and I see red snapper burgers. Oh man I'm seeing red everywhere!


Purred: Tue Sep 22, '09 9:33am PST 
I'll try some of that Red Snapper, I never had it before. What about Red Maine Lobsters and some Maryland Crabs. Um! Do I see red Hawaiian Punch for drink? I have some of that Red velvet cake for dessert. See ya again this buffet is Great.

Have a Red Hot Pawsome Day


Meow like you- mean it!!
Purred: Tue Sep 22, '09 2:39pm PST 
Hi! I know this is gonna sound crazy, but I don't really care for fish or seafood....I know a cat that doesn't like that??? But I am a weird little dude laugh out loud

Anyway, do you have any RED meat??? If not, I'll head straight for dessert & have some Red Velvet Cake! wink

I'm REDdy to eat! big laugh

Yolo "Cowboy- Kitty Angel"

This is a job- for The Cowboy- Kitty
Purred: Tue Sep 22, '09 5:39pm PST 
Red meat is for me too Julius. I'm the Cowboy Kitty and I luv a roasted chop over the open fire - rare! Like really red! Maybe we should have Steak Tartare as it's reallllly red.laugh out loud


Maneki- Neko(beconing- cat)
Purred: Wed Sep 23, '09 2:43pm PST 
I need some Red Wine ! kitty

Baci a Red- *Angel*

I AM Smiling!- It's the Red- Tabby Look
Purred: Fri Sep 25, '09 6:37am PST 
It's finally Friday and we're having a red-rendezvous at The Beach! Come on down to the biggest litter box you've ever seen - the white sandy beach! Let's have a ball to welcome the Fall!

(Baci rolls out lion sized red beach towels - buckets of sun screen - plastic glasses - the Red Daquiri machine that's battery operated so it can be at the beach and she uncovers a giant buffet of Fall foods to share with her red buddies)



Sweetest Little- Kitty Ever
Purred: Sat Sep 26, '09 3:08pm PST 
Look what I made! Red Potato Salad! (with anchovies in there!)

Redd Catt

Large and In- Charge
Purred: Sat Sep 26, '09 5:10pm PST 
It is the weekend..where are all the red cats?
Hmmmph..well I will just set up my little grill here on the beach and get my Texas Size Steaks cooking!
I have some shrimp and scallop and shark kabobs to grill too!
Hey Chef Rooster, I think we have this giant litter box to ourselves..I wonder if we can eat all this steak and seafood?
What? you have a strawberry shortcake the size of LA?
Well put it here..
Who is hungry?party

Chef Rooster-

Let's Get- Cooking!
Purred: Sat Sep 26, '09 5:26pm PST 
I do beleive you are right..we are alone on this ginormous beach!
I will set up our tent and set out the Tiki torches just in case some red cat wants to join our little pawty tonight!
I wonder if it is true that crabs crawl at midnight or is that just some beach legend?
I think I will set the tent back aways, just in case...
Grab the coolers uncle RC and get the glasses chilled..I may want to do some star gazing so I brought the telescope from home...

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