Mr. Hershey Bear's Lesson #1: Welcome back!

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The master of- chocolate
Purred: Mon Sep 21, '09 5:07am PST 
Wonderful job furiends!!!!! I am learning things about you that I never knew before!!! Thank you for sharing!!!
If you would like to add anymore, there is pleanty of TP here to go around. Just come up to my desk and grab a couple more. Also if you just arrived in the the class please don't hesitate to grab as much as you will need!!!

Honey Bear

Mr. Excitement
Purred: Mon Sep 21, '09 6:53am PST 
hamster dancehamster dance

*Honey Bear zips in on his skateboard, little poodle ears flying...crashes into Mr. Hershey's desk*

Hey Mr. Hershey!! Sorry 'bout your desk an' stuff...I didn't wanna' be late or nothin' like that!! Hey!! *Honey Bear waves to his friends*

Okay so like we tear off the toilet paper right?

*Honey Bear tears off about six sheets or he woofs he stuffs them in his ears, up his nose and eats a few for good measure*

1. I'm like a surfer dawg! Chillin, gellin' and hangin'...
2. I like campin' out at the beach in my Winnawoofo
3. I like yappin' out the windows at my house, yappin' out the car window, hollerin' to everybody everywhere...hey I got a lot to say an stuff okay?
4. I am a piano composer, real experiemental contemporary stuff
5. I like killin' mice an' shakin' em...WooOooOHoOooO
6. I'm like Cinnamon Bear's twin brother, cept I have ALL the fun!!
hamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dancehamster dance


Spring Girl
Purred: Mon Sep 21, '09 11:48am PST 
shock BoWWow! you really are Mr. Excitement...

Wait till me sister hears about this laugh out loudbig laugh

Baby Ben CGC

Lubs you!
Purred: Mon Sep 21, '09 1:34pm PST 
waveHello Miss Champagne!! How be you today?


Spring Girl
Purred: Tue Sep 22, '09 10:30pm PST 
wave Hi Baby Ben, Luv your new ears cloud 9

Baby Ben CGC

Lubs you!
Purred: Wed Sep 23, '09 9:18am PST 
I be da mouse Poodle!! *Baby covers his eyes giggling shyly*

Okay I play dis game...*Baby carefully tears the toilet paper sheets*

1. I be Baby
2. I be Standard Poodle dog
3. I be lubbin' da ball...I lubs to bounce da ball an' catched it
4. I be able bring da ball back if you fro it to me!
5. I lubs to sit on da lap ob da human.
6. I be da picky eater but I do LUBS bread!
7. I lubs to go "bye bye"

*Baby carefully stacks his sheets and raises his paw* Mr. Hershey I be not habbin' to eat dese or stick dem in mine ears do I?


The master of- chocolate
Purred: Fri Oct 2, '09 5:01am PST 
No, Baby Ben, you do not have to eat the TP or stick it in your ears......unless you want to!!!! laugh out loud
*Hershey stuff the TP in his mouth*
Yum! this is better then dental floss!!!!! applause

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