Mr. Hershey Bear's Lesson #1: Welcome back!

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The master of- chocolate
Purred: Mon Sep 14, '09 5:07am PST 
*Walks in class room* wave
Welcome back everyone! I'm so glad to see all of those bright faces from last year and lots of new students, too! I can alrready tell that this is going to be a great year!
For our first lesson we are going to get to know one another. We are playing the toilet paper game! We are going to pass this roll of toilet paper around and each person needs to take of as many pieces that they would need if they were stranded on an island for 3 days. Be smart and make sure you take pleanty enough.

But heres the chatch: counting the number of pieces you took you must say one thing about you for each piece of TP.

I'll go first!
*Take 23 pieces of TP*
1. I'm a teacher/ professor here at Poodleville U.
2. I'm a miniture/toy poodle.
3. My mom was a miniture, my dad was a toy.
4. I have brown curly hair.
5. I have an afro.
6. I am 3 years old
7. My birthday is a day after the 4th of July.
8. I have a brown nose.
9. I live with: a mommy,
10. A grandma and granpa,
11. An aunt and Uncle,
12. A cousin dog named Bailey,
13. 5 cousin cats, Patches, Meary, Sweet Pea, Socks, M.B.
14. My family also owns a pot belly pig for a pet.
15. I am in the 4-h dog club.
16. I know obedience,
17. Showmanship,
18. Agility,
19. and more!
20. I have been in many dog shows.
21. I have won 3 trophys, one of them was high points over all!!!
22. I love dogster and...
23. I love Poodleville U!!!!!
happy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dancehappy dance

Your turn!!!!!


Staten Island- Poodle
Purred: Mon Sep 14, '09 8:08am PST 
Nora takes 15 pieces of TP.

1. My mother is a white miniature poodle and my father is a black miniature poodle.
2. I weigh 12 pounds
3. I like Milkbones and Charlie Bear treats
4. I try to talk, but I can't quite get the words out, I sure try though
5. I like to run in the yard
6. I like loofah dog toys
7. I think Mr. Hershey Bear is a good teacher
8. I try to get Jeannie to chase me, but she doesn't do it too often
9. I was born in New York City
10. I am scared of loud noises
11. My collar has cherry blossoms on it
12. I love it when I get a piece of chicken breast to eat
13. I use a seatbelt in the car
14. I like to pick flowers, but I get in trouble for that
15. I think I took one extra piece of TP, haha


If it Moves,- CHASE IT!
Purred: Wed Sep 16, '09 11:54am PST 
Marley takes 12 pieces of TP. (He is figuring he is a small dog)
1) I am a toy poodle
2)Well I am a registered toy, but I have real long legs so I am probably taller than many toys.
3) I weigh a bit over 6 pounds
4) I have a schipperke as a fur-sister
5) I am sort of wimpy and my fur-sister can easily beat me up
6) I am a picky eater
7) I go to the groomer every 4 weeks
8) I have 3 baskets of toys (which I now have to share)
9) I have been through puppy kindergarten and beginning obedience
10) I go to doggie daycare once a week
11) I love to go for walks
12) I love spending time with all my pals here on dogster


To err is human,- to forgive is- canine
Purred: Wed Sep 16, '09 2:04pm PST 
*Takes 15 pieces of TP*
1. I am a certified therapy dog.
2. I'm an all black toy poodle.
3. I weigh 6 lbs.
4. I have very soft downy fur.
5. I am 3 years old
6. I have a poodle brother, Buddy Gorgeous.
7. My favorite is when my cousins Sheila and Cody come to play.
8. I sleep in the bed with Mommy.
9. One of my favorite friends to play with is, Puppy, a cat.
10. I really hate to ride in the car.
11. I go to the groomer once a month.
12. I got 100% on my therapy dog test.
13. I know obedience, unless the ground is wet.
14. I won cutest dog in a contest. I wore my cowgirl outfit that grandma made for me.
15. I walk "To Save the Animals" every year. The FLF is once again joining me this year.

kissing kissing kissing

My Angel:- "Buddy"- Gorgeous

My dog wags his- tail with his- heart
Purred: Wed Sep 16, '09 2:21pm PST 
*Takes 10 pieces of TP*
1. I flunked out of puppy kindergarden. Uncle Honey Bear says it's because I am a gifted genius .
2. I am a parti poodle, which means I am 2 colors, black and white
3. I am 10 months old
4. I have the bestest sister ever, Pacey
5. I like to cuddle in the morning, then breathe on mom with my morning breathbig laugh
6. My neighbors that live behind me have a parrot, and it says "Buddy, No No" and I stop whatever I'm doing and look at the fence.thinking
7. I got to meet my Uncle's, Johnny Thunder, Honey Bear, and Baby Ben
8. I love my mommy, lots and lots
10. I hope to be like my big sis Pacey one day and become a therapy dog. Mom says we got some work to do before that. I couldn't imagine what that could be, 'cause Pacey says that she goes to work and gets all kinds of love. shrug
9. My BFF is Mandy, she is the Muttinger of Chewsy Dog
10. I like to wear pirate gear. Arrrgh!

blue doghappy danceblue doghappy dance


Me LOVE you!
Purred: Wed Sep 16, '09 4:22pm PST 
Toilet papu!! Oh boy!! Mr. Hershey Beya me miss you!!

*Beatrix sits down carefully unrolls a bunch of sheets of TP and shoves them in her mouth snorfy snorfy gobbling them down...she tries to speak but hard to understand...*

dsfaoiufdofpidui BKeatrix dfkajklkjl LOVE adjkfajd;fkjeuoior


MMMMM this best lesson!!kissing

Cinnamon- Bear

A hug in fur
Purred: Wed Sep 16, '09 4:26pm PST 
shrugshrugshrug Oh dear! *sigh* Mother Beatrix,

I'm so glad school is back!! Hello to my dear friends.

*Cinnamon Bear carefully tears off six sheets of TP*

1. Honey Bear is my twin brother.
2. Johnny Thunder is my half brother AND my nephew wink
3. Buddy Gorgeous is indeed our "nephew" being a Sisco Poodle
4. Honey and I have been on several nice trips in our Winnawoofo this summer.
5. I enjoy quiet moments although these only occur when Honey Bear is fast asleep or eating.
6. I love my Dogster friends! Hello good friends!


Poodle Girl
Purred: Thu Sep 17, '09 4:50am PST 
Hi Beatrix and Cinnamon Bear! wave
Jeannie takes 10 pieces of TP
1. My mother's father is a poodle from Russia.
2. I don't like to go out in the rain.
3. I love to lay in a sunbeam if one is coming through the window.
4. I was born in New Jersey.
5. I love belly rubs.
6. I do not like to have my ears combed or brushed.
7. I love to get a piece of chicken breast or scrambled eggs.
8. I like to pull the stuffing out of toys.
9. I sometimes get car sick.
10. I think Poodleville University is great.

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Suzy- ♥- Dreyfus

Gramma Suzy
Purred: Fri Sep 18, '09 6:21am PST 
*Suzy seeing Jeannie comes hurrying in with hugs* Hello my beautiful little dear!!hughug

*Jeannie helps Suzy tear off seven sheets of TP*

1. I am Boston Terrier wif four lil' Poodle gran'sons
2. If I were Poodle dog I would looks like Jeannie big grin
3. Since I adopted my Poodle gran'sons I discovers I wanna' getted my fur brushed.
4. I loves sunshine, flowers an' butterflies
5. I loves havin' pawnails painted
6. I believes girl cannot never have too much jewelries though I limits myself to no more than two necklaces at a time
7. I loves to rides in my stroller

Miss- Scarlett

Pick me- up...please!
Purred: Fri Sep 18, '09 9:24pm PST 
10 pieces for mered face

1. I turn into a pumpkin when the sun goes down...I need an escort to potty.
2. I sleep at the end of the bed...under the covers. Best foot warmer ever!
3. I won't do anything for treats...I believe I should get treats just cuz.
4. I get very sassy when we're all loading up in the car to go for a hike. I like to tell my furblings when they can get in.
5. I signal to my furblings when dad is coming home...cuz I'm daddy's little girl.
6. I like to tease furbling.
7. Being carried is my favorite thing ever.
8. Wearing sweaters and coats in the winter...well, lets just say I would put them on myself if I could.
9. I'm a picky eater.
10. I have a favorite blankie that's on the couch.

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