Red Heads Walking The Red Carpet - WELCOME!

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Yolo "Cowboy- Kitty Angel"

This is a job- for The Cowboy- Kitty
Purred: Sun Nov 8, '09 9:17am PST 

Our red paws are off off off the ground and pleased to announce that we have our furry furst red head dog members! cheer Scroll the latest members list on the right and be sure your fabulous red headed self gets to meet and greet all our new meowvalous and doggone great members. Hey remember, a little dab of red will do it for this REDiculously red group! Our Red Carpet is packed with new Flaming Red Heads!

Members you will want to meet :





Tiger Spy Garrison




Maggie Mae Brossart


Princess Kosa Davia



Max Fielder



IF you know some Red Heads who might wanna meet other Red Heads - steer them towards our Red Carpet.

Yeee Haw! Nice to meetcha all!

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Alfie - DB #37a - Dearly Loved

Alfie - soppy boy
Purred: Sat Nov 14, '09 7:58am PST 
Hi efurrybody!!wavewavewave
I like this red carpet - it makes me feel furry impurrtant!!

Our typist has let us down - she's not had much time on the 'puter and is only just introducing us - shame on her!!

I'm Alfie, a delish red Kittie (that's what mum says)! I'm a happy little boy (especially after my recent dental work) and the most loving of us kitties. I love to kiss mum and sleep next to her!

Then there's our Justin - he's naughty but nice and likes to tease us all. He too gives mum kisses (but he's not as good at it as me)! smile

There's our Tigger - a very pretty longhaired boy (mum said that not me!). He's very quiet and laid back and such a good boy - he always comes when mum calls him

The only girl in our orangies is Lucy! She's the oldest kittie in our house and it took her 6 years before she would come on mum's lap and love on her! She can't get enough of it now!

We live near the Yorkshire Dales in England and mum lets us play in the garden sometimes. It's furry safe and enclosed and we love to chase leaves in the Autumn. In summer mum puts my paddling pool out and I love to splash about it in! When it's cold or dark we're not allowed out! mum's a meanie!!frown

There are another 8 kitties in our furamily (all rescues) but they're not beautiful orangies like us!! Mum just interrupted and said all of us are beautiful. MOL.

Thankmew Yolo and Baci for inviting us to this fantabulous orange group!

Baci a Red- *Angel*

I AM Smiling!- It's the Red- Tabby Look
Purred: Mon Nov 16, '09 7:01am PST 
What a fabulous redhead bio fro Alfie! If you live near Yorkshire do you have Yorkshire pudding? We're curious as a cat! We enjoyed reading all about you and your furmily Alfie! Thanks for walking the Red Carpet - you looked mahvelous on it!cheer


I know I'm- Special!
Purred: Thu Nov 19, '09 7:47am PST 
Hi to all my new furiends and thanks for inviting me. My name is Tiki. I know it's unusual, Mom saw Tiki Barber on TV and liked it. It's much better than the others she was calling me. I am a spoiled "only cat" and like it. I just had my 2 year birthday, really not sure of the date cause I was left at the shelter as a wee one. Oh well, life's been great since then. I was orange in my younger days but keep getting redder and I love it. I am very glad to be a Flaming Red Head! MOL

Lvs ~ Tiki

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