☆ ♦ Photo Assignment! ♦ ☆

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♪ - Geordie- ♪

Purred: Fri Aug 14, '09 12:59pm PST 
I am just going to bump this and leave assignment number 2 up for this week...

My favorite toy

Kilimanjaro Hoover

Mr.- Picky- Pants
Purred: Sat Aug 15, '09 2:29pm PST 
My photo assignment for favorite toy!

Kili Meets Hoggie 23

Madison- ♥

The coolest- Fluffer Muffin- in town!!
Purred: Sun Aug 16, '09 9:23am PST 
This was takin in the dark LOL!

pink bone

Angel Mini

A Heartbeat at- Your Feet ♥
Purred: Sun Aug 16, '09 10:59am PST 
Hmm my favorite toy.. whatever I can RIP UP!! big laugh


Our Golden- Miracle with- Paws
Purred: Sun Aug 16, '09 11:34am PST 
I Can't Choose a Favorite! big laugh

♪ - Geordie- ♪

Purred: Sun Aug 16, '09 10:21pm PST 
Great pics everyone... Here is my latest and greatest toy... blue dog Mommy made it for me...

my favorite toy


Purred: Mon Aug 17, '09 10:05am PST 
big laugh That's so adorable!


Purred: Thu Aug 20, '09 2:36pm PST 
This is probably my tenth set of keys!

♪ - Geordie- ♪

Purred: Fri Aug 21, '09 8:37am PST 
Great toys evfurrybody!!! snoopy

It is time for a new assignment...

Assignment #3:

A shot from my favorite place to go for a walk

way to go Can't wait to see your posts!!!


Watch out - It's the Kiss- Monster!
Purred: Sat Aug 22, '09 8:22am PST 
In Front of the Lake/Pond
I love to walk there!

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