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♪ - Geordie- ♪

Purred: Fri Jul 31, '09 1:51pm PST 
waveI thought it might be fun to start a game in here. So here it goes:

I will post a new photo assignment about once a week. And while you are out and about you try to find a photo opportunity of that subject and post.

Easy and fun..

Assignment #1: Something that makes you bark.
(example: skateboards, mailman, etc... )

way to goHAVE FUN PUPS!!!! way to go


Max. ((;
Purred: Fri Jul 31, '09 1:58pm PST 
wave Geordie!
I don't have time to post a picture, but just wanted to say that this is a great idea!!
way to go

Kilimanjaro Hoover

Mr.- Picky- Pants
Purred: Fri Jul 31, '09 4:21pm PST 
Gordie, will you always post on Friday's? Great idea!way to goway to goway to goway to goway to go

♪ - Geordie- ♪

Purred: Fri Jul 31, '09 4:53pm PST 
I will try to post on either Friday morning or Thursday night if I will not be on Friday. So you will have a week to post the assignment. wink

Skye ☮

Hi, I'm Skye and- I make weird- noises
Purred: Fri Jul 31, '09 6:15pm PST 
Oh, this is a great idea! snoopy

Princess- Daffodil of- Mesa

Princess- Daffodil is- back!
Purred: Fri Jul 31, '09 6:20pm PST 
What a great idea! I'll get going on it!

Kilimanjaro Hoover

Mr.- Picky- Pants
Purred: Sat Aug 1, '09 4:13pm PST 
Thanks, Geordie! Now how do I take a picture of a knock on the door?thinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinking

Daisy~ CGC- ♥ TDI

Mommy's Baby- With Paws
Purred: Sun Aug 2, '09 7:49am PST 
Oh Perfect.....

These guys make me go NUTS!

♪ - Geordie- ♪

Purred: Tue Aug 4, '09 11:28am PST 
Hello pups... I have been really busy this week with my Nana here visiting. I really love to bark for her. But here is a pic of what really gets me going. She is my pal. She loves me and take pretty good care of me from a distance. She even plays chase with me in the living room.

Sam makes me bark

♪ - Geordie- ♪

Purred: Sat Aug 8, '09 5:47pm PST 
Hello Pups.. sorry I am a day late on the assignment, my Nana was in town for a week long visit.

But better late then never... Have fun!!!

Assignment Number 2:
My Favorite Toy

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