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help ashlee wont stop crying over colemans loss send notes to cheer her up!!!!! we dont no what to doshrugshrugshrugshrugplease help!!!!in loving memory of colemanlittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angelfrownfrownfrowncrycrycry

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Read my post in the thread about Coleman and try not to be so sad because Coleman and Princess are very happy now in heaven.little angel

In fact I know Princess very well and she is always smiling and happy! She really likes ice cream! She gets a big bowl of it every day after dinner. She is such a happy girl and we all wuv her! She is good at chasing the balls that St. Frank throws out every day too.

She is a good flyer too. She flys over all of the streams here and the cow and horse pastures. We all just wuv her!