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whenever i go onto a page its so pretty and nicely decorated and i go on my account and try to do some things but u can never find where you can add bacjrounds and stuff. how do you do that?kittywavethinking

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We sent you an invite to Pawsome Pages Myr. Hope they can help.

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We started out just looking at other pages & visiting the sites to find out where other furs got their great backgrounds & visiting forums & experimenting since it goes in the Fun Stuff area. Then we joined some groups like Pawsome pages. We found Imikimi for doing special photos but we're learning to do other types of photos. Some of those groups we still don't have the expertise really to do anything except ask questions & we're still learning, but good to join them & learn things. Helps to ask other furs questions too. Don't feel bad either as all of us were new & had just plain pages at some point or most of us did & had to learn how to decorate & do all of these different things to make the pages decorative & pretty. Our only concern is load time on the pages so some things we don't keep on our pages as the point is to be able to view the page...
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*** Know next year or in a few months or even a few weeks some fur is going to be asking you the same questions how you made such a beautiful page!

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