This is really an important for all the people on this group. Please help Angel girl and her mommy


Queen of My- Castle
Purred: Sat May 30, '09 4:19am PST 
Hi everybody. I really need help angel girl and her mommy rebbecca please help her out. She just got this e-mail from the Catster's and Dogsters and it said on top of it my subscription has expired. So please help me and out Angel girl and her mommy and here is the e-mail letter. They just send me today. So everybody can read this because angel girl and her mommy rebecca are really sad today. So here is the letter. So I hope everybody will read this Dear Rebecca Horn,

It is a sad, sad day in Dogster and Catster Land. Your Plus subscription has now expired. Sniff, sniff, did we do something wrong? We feel like a pet left at the pound. Well, we just wanted to say that we loved having you as part of the Plus community and we will miss you. (Will you miss Plus?) If you ever feel like coming back just click the link below and all your pictures and Plus settings will come back just the way (sniff, sorry) that they were before you left Plus (sniff).

Your friends,

Dogster & Catster

Walter The- Cat

Walter The Cat &- DANCIN' GIRL
Purred: Sun May 31, '09 9:22am PST 
Hi Angel...sorry you lost your subscription, I had no idea it was up. I saw your letter last night and I could not fix it on Saturday or Sunday. I will definitely pay it tomorrow, Monday. It will be about lunch time your time when you know it is there for sure. I know how important this is so don't worry anymore.
love you, Aunt Donna (Walter The Cat & BABE)wave

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Life is- CATZOWEY!
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Catzowey! Theyza can still beeza a Catster and Dogster and pmail and have funza stuff - they justa donta get all da zealies every month. Itsa notta da end of da world...