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Princess Woodgie- of Verona
Purred: Sun Jun 28, '09 3:40pm PST 
I tried to sign up and it said my kitty was already signed up. I don't recall ever getting anything....


i'm the queen.
Purred: Mon Jul 6, '09 4:49am PST 
thank you. bobbie & maya i am ginger now, i didn't like maya.kitty

Onyx (angel)- who loves HL

Onyx - Bug Slayer and- Foot Mauler
Purred: Mon Jul 13, '09 6:08am PST 
Got my free Feliway wipe sample and $10 off coupon today. Does anyfur know of a pet supply website that takes coupons? The Comfort Zone diffusers are $42 at my local Petco, and that's the best price I've seen in my neighborhood. I've found it for $19 at Amazon and about $25 on other websites, but I see anywhere to enter a manufacturer's coupon. Any help would be appreciated!



King of my- Castle
Purred: Mon Jul 13, '09 9:21am PST 

My free sample came in the mail today!!!!!

Be careful when you open the box - there is a $10 coupon printed on the inside.

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Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Mon Jul 13, '09 7:22pm PST 
I got my free sample in the mail today, too!
dancinghappy dancedancinghappy dancedancinghappy dance

Angel Ivan- WLC: Wrld's- Lzist C

Mr.- Stinky- Britches
Purred: Mon Jul 13, '09 7:26pm PST 
Me three! Yay!!! cheercheercheer


Japanese Bobtail
Purred: Tue Jul 14, '09 7:04am PST 
Me FOUR I got mine on MONDAY the 13th of July... yippee.
We are going to try them at the Cat show this week end in our
show cages to help us relax. So I wont be all hyper like this snoopy


Purred: Wed Jul 15, '09 1:50pm PST 
We got our free samples also. They are really nice. Thanks Feliway.

Athena (In- Memory)

Purrs and Love

Purred: Wed Jul 15, '09 5:44pm PST 
Onyx, you can try contacting Care-A-Lot Pet Supply:

Looks like they have various difuser kits at varying prices. (Do a "Feliway" search on their website).

Maybe you could call them to ask if they would accept the coupon. We have their catalog mailed to us and have ordered pet supplies from them. Quick service, too.

Onyx (angel)- who loves HL

Onyx - Bug Slayer and- Foot Mauler
Purred: Fri Jul 17, '09 9:13pm PST 
Didn't think of that, Athena. Thanks for the suggestion!


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