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Oreo Wesley- Bush

Mr. O
Purred: Fri May 15, '09 3:03pm PST 
Stormy Lynn,
I think that some members join, then realize they do not have time and remove their furs.

We have several fun games in the threads, they are easy to understand and do not need a hostess to keep them moving. The games look good to us. Just make certain that if a newbie comes into the game, they can understand what is going on in each group.
Perhaps repeating the directions once in a while would help a newcomer.

I feel our admins are wonderful. You are doing a great job while Borat has been gone. I still don't think that furs are leaving because of something the group has or has not done. I think they just get busy!!

To be honest we need new Catster members. Those who do not already belong to a long list of groups. Then they would be able to participate here more. When we became Catster members, we had invites in our pmail that day for several groups. When a new member joins a welcome letter with links to the threads could be sent to their pmail. Some newbies do not know how to find the games.

Before inviting a large number of new members, we should make certain we have our group together. We, our family, is guilty of not being here daily, but we will begin to stop by daily!!

The Bush Family


RESPECT The- Star!
Purred: Fri May 15, '09 4:22pm PST 
I been busy with the kittens shows. big grin

Sometimes I just don't have time after work to get on here, especially if
I have a show coming up. big grin

If the administrators will let you, maybe you could put out a general
invite in the sections that get the most traffic, like the health section and
the behavior section.

I also think we need to come up with different games, anybody have any
ideas? thinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinkingthinking


Mommy, Scoot- over!
Purred: Sun May 17, '09 12:13pm PST 
You guys are all magnificant kitties & doggies~

I am here , listening and willing to play. Thank you for being such good leaders. BABE, Walter The Cat,