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The master of- chocolate
Purred: Fri Feb 26, '10 9:47am PST 
hmmmm, Either by the fire place....in my grandma's big water bed....or on a cloud!!!!!!cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9 Yeah I think I'll go with the last one. My fluffy poodle ears on a cloud is like heaven !!!!!!

If you were taking a trip into outerspace, what would you bring???!!!


Prince Arfer,- The Happy Camper
Purred: Tue Mar 30, '10 5:40pm PST 
If I were going to outerspace, I would take my sister Zoey Rose because I'm not going alone, our leashes so we wouldn't float away when we do our space walk, and enough food/water/treats to last until we get back home.

If you were playing Hide & Seek, where would you hide?

My Angel:- "Buddy"- Gorgeous

My dog wags his- tail with his- heart
Purred: Thu Apr 1, '10 12:41pm PST 
Me play hide-and seek?big laugh Run fast so mom can't catch me? I LOVES that gamebig laugh I nots sayin' that I runs into da street or anyfing but, me LUVS that gamebig laugh

So me thinkin' heresthinking I knows! I hide in the under Mommy's bed and find the "dust bunnies" to eat. I find those and eats them ups and mom gets so upset wif me? They don't bodder my tummy or noffinshrug Funny thing is I seen the bunnies when we go for the walks and the bunnies under da beds, not da same. I fink mom is pullin' my pawpuppy

Den I hides in the flower beds. Yup, the flower bed is nice and softs. And the flower buds are MMMmmm, Mmmm good to eats. Again, mom gets so mad at me when I hides there. I don't get it, the flowers are all smooshed down afterwards, leaves more room for dem ta grow back right? Mommy is just wierd sometimes.naughty

Last I hides in Pacey's crate bed. It too small for me, but I squeeze real, real small and makes myself fits. I think its pretty com-for-ble, but mom say I look like a sardine squished in dera. Me likey and me hide der when I canbig laugh

Otay, now if you had to go to da doggie dentist, what would you bring?

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