Please help out, this is really important we need to praay for the family this is for all the group


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Well got some more bad news about Bob dad. I found out today and he told me yesterday. He had to take his dad, and to the emergency room at the hospital near here. My dad has gotten much worse and they admitted him to coronary care. He is all swollen up with fluids and has congestive heart failure. And Bob he told me he is still waiting more tests on his back too and he is going to be really busy and he told me he is going to the hospital with his dad for a next few days with his dad and he well let you all know about it Bob and Bosco and his family. So I hope you will pray for him and stopped at his page, because he really needs it Bob family, because his dad is in a lots of pain and he has to take medicine at the hospital. So please pray for his family. He is a really good friend to me. So I hope all of you will read this cryfrown my favorite thing to watch on TV Hells kitchen. That is a really good show, that person on that Hells kitchen, he sure can get angry at them people. It cooks in that restaurant on that show I watch on TV


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I am a little confused, as to who is sick, but I pray for that person,
and wish them a speedy recovery!!applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause

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