High it out there. I am so glad you read my message borat brars Kitty cat


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Yelp they are sold much fun birthdays butt they sure go by fast. And yelp that is a really good place to eat at lobster. When you walk into the restaurant. You can see a big fish tank full of live lobsters and you can pick your own one out in that big fish tank. You just have too show it to that lady, what one you want and she whale scoop it out. Of that lobster fish tank, and some of them are perky fast, because they want to get it away from you and the lady asked you. How do you want your lobster cooked, and I always tell her. I always like it boiled in hot water, because it is more taste the and juicy and fresh and they always asked you. Do you want a salad our hot soup, and I always take the salad and you can have your own kind of salad dressing thousand Island are you can have the diet dressing. It is really good and it's always Franch, and even the hot soup is really tasty. And they have really nice sweet rolls to eat. At that lobster restaurant that is a really good place to go sold tell all your furry friend borat and I am glad you read my message on here. That made me happy, and I could tell there is more new members on the group so that makes me happy to and now they will be more help on here to on the group administrors so that really makes me happy borat and your daddy Kevinwave