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I know we are all friends of ferals but being involved always get you interested in other aspects rescues. I copied the email with the petition below. I know you all care and your signature counts!

Hi - Many Michigan animal shelters and rescue groups are joining in to support 2 important bills to help shelter animals. Here are 3 quick & easy ways YOU can help! I apologize if you have already received an email about this.

*HB4663 / Pound Seizure Bill – Koda’s Bill
This bill will ban selling Michigan shelter animals to the class B dealer (middle man for research) and research facilities. Only 4 counties in Michigan still practice pound seizure. ouse/htm/2009-HIB-4663.htm (bill language)

*HB4263 / Humane Euthansia Bill
This bill will outlaw the gas chamber as a form of euthanasia for Michigan animals. It will only allow euthanasia by injection, which is the much more humane choice. Currently only 12 shelters utilize the gas chamber and over 170 shelters utilize injection. troduced/House/htm/2009-HIB-4263.htm (bill language)

*PLEASE WRITE YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE and tell them you support HB 4263 and HB 4663!!!!!!!! You can do so online by clicking here: e&page=UserAction&id=663&autologin=true&JServSessionIdr009=02ec972ep 3.app17a

*PLEASE SIGN THE ENDORSEMENT FORM! If you own a business, organization, rescue group PLEASE fax in your endorsement form! (attached). Take this to your veterinarian also...WE NEED VETS TO SUPPORT THESE BILLS! Please make some copies and distribute them to local merchants you know or relatives that own businesses as well. If everyone got 10 endorsements from businesses, vets etc.... imagine what we would accomplish!

*PLEASE SIGN THE ONLINE PETITION! Individuals (not organizations) are also asked to sign these petitions to support the bills. You can sign the petitions even if your organization also supports these bills. (pound seizure) (euthanasia)

THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We can make this happen but we all have to work together to accomplish this. If you need additional information or fact sheets, please email me!

Feel free to crosspost far & wide! smile

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We definitely stopped by to sign that. Thank you for posting.


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Thanks for signing! i checked out your Alley cats action alert, I'm not an Illnois resident so I could not sign it,but I did tell a few friends I have in Chicago. I love alley cats and do follow thier alerts. You can follow the happenigs on pound siezure and humane euthaniza at carols there is a link to her blog. She's goes to all the meetings about it. Last time she brought a carrier full of money and told them she would pay for the disposal, there is rumors of people involved being payed off! I volunteer at her TNR rescue, since we are kinda neighbors you should check it out, lots of good info about TNR