Thank You! Any ideas?

Willie- wilkins

I am a Rouge,- Feral, OOOO- TUNA.
Purred: Wed Mar 11, '09 1:36pm PST 
Thank you all for being so Ecstatic about bringing the group back! You all seem to be VERRRY excited as well, and i think we should have a (quote on quote) "pawty"

Any ideas?

Willie- wilkins

I am a Rouge,- Feral, OOOO- TUNA.
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Pwease help us with the pawty!


Nascar Kitty #3
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Ohhhh a pawty!!! For St. Paddy's or just because? How bout a grand re-opening pawty? When do you want to do it? Pmail us or reply here and we will see what we can come up with from here. *puts her thinking cap on and ponders a pawty with lots of streamers and balloons and good food and visiting*

Purrs, Puff

Angel- Piewackit

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Maybe an all weekend pawty like we often have in PAWS. That way cats can stop in as they are able and socialize. I can do food and stuff to put in the threads.

Another thing that I'm curious about is why we can't post messages. Often, if cats set their email to receive group messages, that's a way to keep up with things. I wonder since no one has gotten any if they think the group's dead.


always help a- feral in need...
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Yes, I am in agreement that we should have an active site to help the feral kitties that live in our neighborhoods...

I have been feeding and doing TNR for over 3-years...I am now tending to five kittie colonies here in the Dallas area...

I am trying to get volunteers to join me in helping the kitties and the two feral feeders that devote over 1.5 hours each night to feeding the kitties...

I look forward to hearing from you...
aka, Sheba...Christinelittle angel

Miss Kitten

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A pawty??? Can I be in charge of bringing the birds? happy dance