I think we should get this group going,

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A few suggestions to bring "Friends of Ferals" back
```Not so many admins? NOONE ever gets on, so why bother having SO many in charge? at most, two or three?
```Start more interesting threads, The murder ones, and the baby kitten ones are off to a great start, but no one's posted a new thread in a year!
```Start a drive of some sort, to bring the members together, and fund feral cat programs.
``` Tell other cats! Nothing gets clubs rushing like new members!
```Send messages to former members, and see if they'd like to bring "Friends or Ferals" back!
``` Some artistic cats create a super awesome logo, picture, and background.
C'mon Ferals!
Lets bring this group back!

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I'll try to help out and it might not be the admins fault. If all those admin are fro one family the only way to take them off admin is to take them from admin. And I think they might be just one family, but I'm not sure...

Willie- wilkins

I am a Rouge,- Feral, OOOO- TUNA.
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Haha! good thinking!
Diesel hasn't been on since the loss of all of those ferals in may.
I'm not sure what else to do, i wasn't intentionally being rude, but thanks for your comment!

Willie- wilkins

I am a Rouge,- Feral, OOOO- TUNA.
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Yes, yes, haha, My mistake! Scratch that, The amount of admin are right and A-Okay.
Being they are ALL from one family, (chuckles) my bad!

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MOL....easy mistake to make. I think it's a great idea to get the group moving again. If everyone invites a couple new members we could get some that way.
Maybe we could also have a get to know each other party or get together. Where we can all meet and talk to each other and get more acquainted.


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Wow...mom just realized the group was created on her birthday. applause
Hey that's another thing. Let's post our birthdays and make a point of sending a rosie or a pawmail to wish that member a Happy Birthday.

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well, here's a thought. i was going to send a message saying "hi" to efurryone. i'm the feral kitten efurryone helped my mommy rescue (not so feral anymore, just sort of neuroticlaugh out loud ) and i wanted both to say "thanks" and to let efurryone know how efurrything turned out. but there's no way to send messages!shrug how come? and can we fix that? that way we could announce things and stuff...thinking

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I think a get together is a good idea. I must admit to being very lazy, and when I'm pressed for time, I don't tend to visit groups. I've actually been very slack in all of them, lately!


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I was just reading your posts and have joined with all my sisfur's and angel brofur Starr. I also think a "pawty" so to speak, for all to get to know each other would be a good idea. My Meowma is an admin in one group that has done the same as this one, gone dead. She and one other admin are all that's left and they are asking for member suggestions since it has well over 500 members. Might be an option for us?

Purrs, Puff *who is also part feral*

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Tortietude? Yep- I have it!!
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We had a slumpurr party in my PAWS group as a way to get more involved and to kind of lighten things up. In PAWS it can get pretty sad purring for the sick kitties and dogs and all. Any way, e had it all weekend so everyone could come and go as they wanted or were able.
I thought I would drop off some goodies here to share.
Seafood platter