What's The Weather?

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Miss Valentine ♥ )O(

Cali- Kitty- Love
Purred: Fri Dec 19, '08 10:40am PST 
What's The Weather?

Here in Colorado today it's sunny and 24! A great day to play happy dance


Please don't- touch me.
Purred: Fri Dec 19, '08 2:04pm PST 
It is 56 and sunny in Los Angeles CA right now.

Nelly ~ Bell- ~ May Angel- Girl

Cat Of Many- Colors
Purred: Fri Dec 19, '08 4:50pm PST 
Today we had 31 snow ,rain, thunder, lightning,ice on top. We're in Indiana

Lil Miss

Look but don't- touch
Purred: Fri Dec 19, '08 9:31pm PST 
Right now it is 42 degrees fahrenheit ,clear 0 wind in Modesto Ca
kinda nippy


I am the bestest- present of all
Purred: Sun Dec 21, '08 8:38am PST 
a whopping 4 degrees here in IL today, with a high of 9. A good day to stay in bed & cuddle!

♥- Tore♥

You can't help- that. We're all- mad here
Purred: Sun Dec 21, '08 8:49am PST 
it's actually a bit cold and it's raining so i'm probbably staying in my bed for the rest of the day smile


Purred: Sun Dec 21, '08 3:00pm PST 
Today it's snowing and blowing and below freezing out there! It's a day to be glad I'm not allowed outside. I'm in Ontario, Canada


Purred: Sun Dec 21, '08 10:56pm PST 
to cut it short: ugly weather. wet. grey. neither cold nor warm (8°C during days). in germany.

good reason to be a HAPPY indoor cat...


I Must Have- Attention & My- Way
Purred: Mon Dec 22, '08 11:21am PST 
It's 32 degrees here, but it feels like 24 degrees. It is sunny, but still freezing in Birmingham, Alabama.


Chubby Jungle- Kitty
Purred: Mon Dec 22, '08 11:32am PST 
Well, it's sunny out, not too windy, and it was 21 below zero when Ma left fur work this morning. big grin

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