I am really sick- Purr for me

Lil' Bobby- Scamperpuss

Purred: Mon Sep 29, '08 7:23am PST 
Meowmy is scared that I might die. She tried not to act afraid, but I can tell that she is very scared that I might die. I have had a really rough start, and now I can't move. I have stratches by my mouth and nose, and she knew this morning when i didn't nearly knock her down trying to get food that something was wrong. She called for me and I heard her, but I just couldn't get up. She found me in the cat bed on the porch. I wanted to run up to see her, but I couldn't. She dropped me at the vet on the way to work, and she asked him to call her as soon as he knows something. She told my daddy that that was why she hated to leave cats outside, but he told he we couldn't bring them all inside. Meowmy has two spoiled cats that only go indoors, you might know them Kitty Sue and Big Mabel, and then there are six of us that live in the yard. We have all been spayed or neutered, like me- and we have our shots, but we have to take our chances with the cars and stray toms and mean dogs.... I come in sometimes, and Meowmy would have made me a full-time inside cat- but i have trouble finding the litter box sometimes... Well I hope I get better, soon.
Love, Bobby


Little Prissy- Timid Booty Girl

Purred: Tue Sep 30, '08 5:57am PST 
Purring for you sweet little one.

Lil' Bobby- Scamperpuss

Purred: Wed Oct 1, '08 9:59am PST 
Thank you sooo much! I am getting better. I can walk a little and I am eating and drinking. I may get to stay inside from now on....

Monster- Marvin- Muffin Face

Monsters have- feelings too!!
Purred: Wed Oct 1, '08 5:09pm PST 
We will keep mew in our purrrayers!kitty
Please feel better soon! xoxoxo


Queen of the- Darkness
Purred: Fri Oct 3, '08 1:59pm PST 
Pawlease be strong Dear..we are all purring for you..Our best wishes are with you..
Get well soon


Kaabus,Tarcin & Biber

Hailey the- Angel Kitty

I'm a meowmy's - girl!
Purred: Sun Oct 5, '08 9:36pm PST 
Meow Lil' Bobby!

We are so sorry to hear that you are so sick. Did your meowmy find out what was wrong with you? My furramily and I will purray for you to get better sweetie! Meowmy will even keep you in her prayers. She knows what your meowmy is going through about having outdoor kitties. We have a big furramily and meowmy wishes that we were all indoor kitties too but that cannot be possible. You have a wonderful meowmy and I am so glad that she is taking such good care of you and the rest of the outdoor kitties. Please give your meowmy a hug for us all! We love you all! Please keep us all up to date on how you are doing! PURRING HARD FOR YOU TO GET WELL!!!

Lots of love & lots of purrz too!!!
Hailey and furramily

Lil' Bobby- Scamperpuss

Purred: Wed Oct 22, '08 3:57pm PST 
Hey guys- thanks for the Purrs- I am almost all-better, and I am an inside cat, now. Wow- do I like that- Meomy just bought a new down comforter, and it is cold and rainy, here, today- at least outside. Meowmy can't bring us all in, but sadly things seem to happen to outside cats in our neighborhood.
Love, Bobby

Hailey the- Angel Kitty

I'm a meowmy's - girl!
Purred: Tue Oct 28, '08 1:47pm PST 
Meow Lil' Bobby!

I am so happy to hear that you are doing better. It is really sad to know that bad things happen to outdoor kitties there. I'm so glad to hear that you are now an indoor kitty! That is just pawsome and now you will get more attention! And besides it much nicer inside...always warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer! I am still purring for you! Please keep us up to date on how you're doing! How's Mable, Porcha & Kitty Sue doing? We miss them all!



I Am The King!
Purred: Wed Nov 26, '08 6:28pm PST 
Hi Lil Bobby, we hope you are doing much better! We will keep pawraying for you!

Little Foot, Furby, Sam, Sugar,Cocoa, Gracie and Angels Mikey, Minnie and Weevils