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Group Mission

Pawsome Pages was created to help others decorate their pages by their own writing code suitable for use at Dogster and Catster. The code type we use is called Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). We are a resource for those who wish to learn how to write their own code. We freely share any code we feel will be useful for members to use on their pages. All members are encouraged to ask for help when they need it and to give help when they can.


1. The guidelines set forth by Dogster / Catster for the public forums and the site is also proper etiquette within Pawsome Pages.
_ A. Address any issues you have with the group or any of its members directly with the Pawsome Pages administrators.
_ B. Every group member has an equal right to privacy, inside and outside the group.

Group Postings

1. Keep postings to the group mission or one of the topics listed in A.
_ A. Examples of acceptable postings:
___ a) quick page décor questions
___ b) need help finding a related thread in the group forum
___ c) new places to find background and graphics
___ d) food / treat / toy ... Internet warnings
_ B. Acceptable postings that we politely request replies be private pmail or in the corresponding group forum links below. To help others, please include both the Dogster and Catster group forum links in your post.
___ a) a fur has gone to Rainbow Bridge
____ Rainbow Bridge / Memorials Dogster Link
____ Rainbow Bridge / Memorials Catster Link
___ b) Dog Of The Week / Cat Of The Week announcements
____ Fur Of The Week Dogster Link
____ Fur Of The Week Catster Link
___ c) Dog Of The Day / Cat Of The Day announcements
____ Fur Of The Day Dogster Link
____ Fur Of The Day Catster Link
___ d) Birthday announcements/new family member
____ Birthday and New Family Member(s) Dogster Link
____ Birthday and New Family Member(s) Catster Link

_C. Unacceptable postings:
_____ a) Vote For Me and other contests
_____ b) asking for money
_____ c) a post that is considered advertising … merchandise, pets, etc
_____ d) a public invite to groups that are not open to both dogs and cats
_____ e) anything that would be considered as SPAM (mass emails) on the Internet.

2. The group administration may from time to time approve a non-mission posting.
_ A. Due to the nature of some topics, we need to check out the information and/or clear with HQ before making a decision.
_ B. If HQ gives you approval to post, this approval is only for the public forums. Please contact a Pawsome Pages administrator for permission to post. This not only helps protect group members for those not on the up and up, but also protects you if a group member gets upset that you placed the post.

3. Feel free to ask about any postings you are not sure adhere to the group guidelines.

Group Forum

1. Keep like questions in the same thread. For example:
__ Good: background questions in the background thread and font questions in the font thread
__ No No : background questions in the font thread

2. Use existing threads when possible. Multiple threads on the same topic make it difficult for others to follow.
_ A. Not making unrelated and repeat threads is really a BIG BIG help to the Group Administration, the Top Advisors and our members.

3. Sometimes furs just need to have fun. If you can think of something fun for us to do ... like a snowball fight, or cookout, by all means start a thread. If you are unsure if it is appropriate, feel free to ask.

4. Vote For Me
_ A. All are free to place your contest in this thread.
__ [Vote For Me Dogster Link]
__ [Vote For Me Catster Link]
___ a) feel free to keep us up to date in this thread.
___ b) please place a post in this thread when the contest is over so it can be kept orderly.
___ c) please do not start a new thread about a contest.

5. The group forum will be cleaned out from time to time of unrelated and repeated threads. It is important to keep our group threads for page decor on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd pages of the forum. This helps others find the information they need faster.

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As Dakota said in his pmail to the group, we have worked for months to put this together. These are guidelines we wish everyone to follow. These were developed based on opinions not only of the Pawsome Pages administrators but also of the majority of the members of Pawsome Pages.

Please contact one of the administrators of Pawsome Pages should you have any questions on the guidelines.


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BUMP ...ing this up out of hidden threads.

Unrelated and repeat threads are removed to keep the Pawsome Pages forums clean and orderly so everyfur can find the help they need.

Please do your part to help by asking your questions in the thread that correlates with your question or problem.

Thank You