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Sugar ~- Sweet Angel

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Purred: Fri Sep 12, '08 6:31am PST 

My blood work came back yesterday, and my kidney and thyroid numbers are okay!

So, we'll continue to get checked to make sure the meds don't cause any problems. And yes, I am on Amlodipine (1/4 tablet once a day).

The pills are super tiny and hard to cut into 4 pieces even with a pill cutter!


CRF Sucks!
Purred: Fri Sep 12, '08 5:45pm PST 
Sorry I haven't been around too much, and I seemed to have missed this when I was on. red face

Scooter - you are right, I do have high BP too. I am on transdermal amlodipine. My blood pressure is still a little high, so we increased my amlodipine dosage. Now it is lower, but I do get white coat syndrome, so we are happy with the results of it. Plus - no pills for me (except Pet Tinic my momma puts in gel caps and dabs in butter for me.) I HATE PILLS!!

Freckles- (1993-2011)

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Purred: Sat Oct 3, '09 11:39pm PST 
Just wanted to let everyone know that if you are on blood pressure meds and need to go under anesthetic you need to make sure your vet knows about your meds. Low blood pressure under anesthetic is dangerous for cats and your vet will probably want to stop any blood pressure meds for a few days before your anesthetic/surgery.

We never realised this and are getting my dental xrays done at a different vet than normally sees us. When mum had been talking to the vet about my meds she'd focussed on the antibiotics etc that were specific to my infection and completely forgot about the blood pressure med that I take. It was only when she spoke to the surgeon about the anesthetic and they said "the main thing with cats is making sure their blood pressure doesn't drop too low" that she realised. She told the vet I was on blood pressure meds and gave them a list of everything I was on to make sure they have a full record. Everything else is OK but I have to stop the blood pressure meds for a few days before my surgery *glares at mum for everything to do with the dental surgery*

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Purred: Sun Oct 4, '09 9:38am PST 
Thanks for the helpful information, Freckles!

I didn't know you were on bp meds. I'm warming up my purrs for you on the 9th.

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