Purred: Wed Aug 27, '08 12:28pm PST 
Hi everyone. I just joined and wanted to introduce my kitty.

Cotton is staying with me as a foster kitty from a local shelter. She has FHV or something similar and was not thriving in the shelter and was becoming sicker and sicker.

Since coming to live with me and my husband she has all but kicked her URI and had a bout of ringworm. She's also doubled her weight from 3 pounds to just over 6.

We're still fighting some yeast issues which are causing build up and infections on her toes and making her itchy which makes her scratch which gets yeasties into the scratches which makes her itchy etc. etc.

It is tough sometimes to have a cat who is always never quite well as I'm sure you all know but it's exciting seeing this little kitty bloom.

I'd love to hear what other owners are dealing with and any experiences you'd like to share about caring for your special needs kitty.