Pet Rules

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♥Bust- er♥

I eat, I sleep,I- love♥
Purred: Wed Oct 22, '08 7:07pm PST 
My meowmy definetly agrees with the strangers part. She just HATES it when someone doesn't absolutely fall in love with me and she may get a little agressive when somebody insults me.wink


Boo-just a ball- of fur, Boofur
Purred: Thu Oct 23, '08 4:07pm PST 
Our Mommy is the same way!


Cute Calico
Purred: Mon Oct 27, '08 2:12am PST 
laugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loudlaugh out loud

Cleopatra ~- Grace

Gray Streek
Purred: Mon Oct 27, '08 2:05pm PST 
That was great!

ALFIE - My Beautiful- Angel

Purred: Tue Oct 28, '08 1:15pm PST 
We love this!
We follow those rules in our house too!

laugh out loud


Ultimate Tomcat
Purred: Sun Nov 2, '08 8:49pm PST 
Umm, sorry, I don't get that whole "your dish, my dish" thing. Why can't I drink milk out of your glass or take a little chicken off your plate? Where's the love? Sheesh. I am The Cat, after all.


Yub nub, eee- chop yub nub!
Purred: Wed Nov 12, '08 12:38pm PST 
That is perfect!!

We would add....
If you don't want me to stare at you then don't eat in front of me.


Stormy Lynn

- Adopt a pet !!!
Purred: Wed Nov 12, '08 6:50pm PST 
MOL kitty

Weeble - I miss you

Deeply missed
Purred: Sun Nov 23, '08 9:59pm PST 
Mom has a new t-shirt. "Ask not what your cat can do for you..."

laugh out loud


I am the poo - just ask me
Purred: Mon Nov 24, '08 7:44am PST 
love it! snoopy

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