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Dog-Forever- My Angel

Purred: Mon Jul 28, '08 7:02pm PST 
Hiwave effurybody!!! My name is Dog (not pronounced D-o-gfrown! )...i will be a yr on Sept 15 and I've only been on Catster for a cpl wks...still trying to learn my way around figure out what i'm doin'...nice to meet you all


Purred: Mon Jul 28, '08 7:18pm PST 
Hi kitties (& any doggies that might be lurkin' big laugh!)...My name is Scrappy and i will be a yr old on Sept 15...i haven't been on Catster very long so hang with me til i get it furrigured out...


Beautiful Black- Cat
Purred: Mon Jul 28, '08 7:26pm PST 
Meowwwlo kitties!!!! I'm Mota wave...looking forward to making friends with effurrybodykitty

Fingers- (4/12/08 - 7/5/09)

Dilute Tortie?
Purred: Mon Jul 28, '08 7:30pm PST 
hi furrriends wave...I am the pawsomly cute Fingers and a m lookin furrward to meeting you's

Gizmo- (4/12/08 - 7/18/09)

Too Pretty For- My Fur!!!
Purred: Mon Jul 28, '08 7:35pm PST 
Hey hey kitts!! I'm the cutie called you can see i'm on my furrravorite site kittyster (of course) and thought i'd slip by and say hi to all the furries out there...lookin forward to knowin you all

KuJu Ku

Bobtails Rule!
Purred: Wed Aug 20, '08 8:19am PST 
Hi new catsterholics! Glad you can come aboard.
PS.. Im addicted tooooo Very badly is there any treatment centers for us?

KuJu Ku

Bobtails Rule!
Purred: Wed Aug 20, '08 8:23am PST 
Actually it would nt be a treatment center - it would be a
re-cov-furry center.. hehehhheheh

Gizmo- (4/12/08 - 7/18/09)

Too Pretty For- My Fur!!!
Purred: Sat Aug 23, '08 12:37pm PST 
MOL !!! Yeah...a recovfurry center for furs addicted to furs and the humans that love them and are addicted to the "see the cats" section

KuJu Ku

Bobtails Rule!
Purred: Thu Sep 4, '08 1:36pm PST 
I must confess, (let me stand up) Im not addicted to "see the cats" Im addicted to meeting new furiends, chatting IM, helping others, and just looking forward to getting zealies and other pawresents..
I love to give and receive.. PURRS Kuj, Who dont? heheheheh


Little Bambi Zoe
Purred: Mon Sep 15, '08 7:57pm PST 
Hey Catsters! I'm Zoe. I've been on Catster for about two years now. Wow - time flies! And get this - I totally missed my two year anniversary. I have two candles on my cake now! Doh!

Anyway, glad you joined the group! Play and make friends to your hearts content! I've made some friends here that are like my family now.


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