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I rule the house
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 9:28am PST 
Samson If we can show how much we care about him. If you care about him a lot then post here in this form so Angela (His mom) Can read all the wonderful comments. I will start

Samson you have been my friend for a short time but ill never forget how nice you were to me. I wish I could thank you so much more then i am. SAMSON I WILL MISS YOU AS MUCH AS YOUR MOMMY!!!!!!!!!!! DEARLY SAMSON REST IN PEACE!!! way to golittle angel


Striped,- spotted, and- ready for- treats!
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 10:36am PST 
Our family is so sorry for Samson and his Mom!crycry

We loved the photo of him with his mouth open, he looked like a little tiger!kitty

If we can support Samson's mom in any way, we are happy to help.

Rest in Peace dear Sampson!little angel



I'm the baby,- gotta love me!
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 11:40am PST 
I didn't know you Sampson, but I know that your mom misses you very much. We are sorry to hear that you've been separated, but you will meet her again someday on the rainbow bridge.

Lucky(RIP- 2003-2009)

Lucky - The Wildat
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 12:01pm PST 
Mom and all of us were impressed at Sampson's gift with languages. And his good looks!
We are purring for the whole family at this sad time.
Lucky & familycry

ALFIE - My Beautiful- Angel

Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 12:38pm PST 
Catster has lost a true "Superstar"

He will be greatly missed, our thoughts are with his mum at ths very sad time.

Rest in Peace, Samson

Dog-Forever- My Angel

Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 12:44pm PST 
this is for Samson...Meow...i didn't know you but it truly saddens me, my family, and my mom to know you have left this phase of your life...may your bleesings at the bridge be as rich and fulfilling as i know your time with yur family was...and our love and purrs go out to Samson's family


Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 1:09pm PST 
I'm so sorry. I went to Samsons page to leave a gift and tell him what a cool cat of the week he made and got a nasty surprise.
You will be missed,kitty.

For Samson

Whiskas **In- Loving- Memory**

I'm a good old- girl
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 2:07pm PST 
to Samson's meowmy - We are all so sorry to hear about your loss. Samson looked like a wonderful kitty & I know he will be missed. little angel


Pickles -
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 3:23pm PST 
Dearest Samson & Mum
We are so sad to hear of Samson's passing. We have family at Rainbow Bridge and they have told us that they are anxiously awaiting Samson's arrival there. All of the kitties at the Bridge truly hate to see anyone have to come there, but they have all been through this transition period and know your pain and loss.
Please know that when Samson gets to the Bridge, he will be welcomed with open arms and much love. He will no longer have any pain and his youth will be restored. He can run and play in the catnip meadow all day long and fish in the milky stream. It is a beautiful and peaceful place and he will truly enjoy his time there until he is reunited with family forever. Angela, Samson will be waiting patiently and will be safe, well loved and cared for until you meet again. Our sibs Hazel, Smokey & Sammy will be most honored to greet him there and he will be most welcome to stop by to visit with them and all of the other lovely kitties that reside there.
Love & hugs,
Pickles, Tuffy & RBK family


It's all about- Mee-ee!!
Purred: Mon Jul 28, '08 7:18am PST 
We are so sorry for your loss. The passing of a beloved pet is very hard and like losing a member of the family. Look back over the wonderful times together and maybe you will be able to laugh with the tears so that some time soon you may feel better.

Crazy, Pie and the rest of the family

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