The Cat Below Me

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Eclipse- (Over the- Bridge)

7/1/99 - 10/3/08 WE MISS- YOU!
Purred: Fri Oct 3, '08 3:13pm PST 
Oh yeah. Especially when it comes to 9

TCBM Has white paws

Edited by author Fri Oct 3, '08 3:14pm PST


Look Mom, I'm a- Horse Poop!
Purred: Fri Oct 3, '08 9:10pm PST 
Yep Yep Yep, and I have one Brown Toe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Cat Below Me likes chicken fingers. (Yum! Mom just gave me half of one of hers!)


I'm a- PRINCESS!!!!!!!!- !!!!!!!!!
Purred: Sat Oct 4, '08 9:05am PST 
Yesbig grinbig grinbig grinbig grin

TCBM likes dogs


I am the poo - just ask me
Purred: Sat Oct 4, '08 1:07pm PST 
not sure, I have never met any - so I will go with no dog

tcbm is napping right now

Mischievous- Maximilian

love me, love- thyself
Purred: Sat Oct 4, '08 4:24pm PST 

TCBM likes to sit inside cardboard boxes.


Don't Mess With- Mama
Purred: Sat Oct 4, '08 5:23pm PST 
Love boxes! cloud 9

TCBM likes bologna!

Whiskas **In- Loving- Memory**

I'm a good old- girl
Purred: Sun Oct 5, '08 9:10am PST 
my bologna has a first name - yes, I love it for sure!

tcbm is older than 10


Birds and- sunlight are all- I need
Purred: Sun Oct 5, '08 2:51pm PST 
Hey! how did you know? :3 Yes, I'm 15 years old.

TCBM: Lives in a multiple cat household

J-Nine Queen- Phoebe

Admire if you- wish
Purred: Mon Oct 6, '08 6:57am PST 
yes, I have 1 brother & 4 sisfurs kitty

tcbm has had a litter of kittens


There's a new- princess in the- house!
Purred: Mon Oct 6, '08 6:58am PST 
Yep.....I have a sisfur and two brofurs!!!!

TCBM has caught a mouse.

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