The Cat Below Me

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She's a Little- Stinker!
Purred: Sun Aug 24, '08 9:12pm PST 
No. Mom bought me when I was a kitten and then she took me to the doc so I'd be an old maid like she is.laugh out loud

TCBM is even naughtier than I am and that's purty bad! dancing

Edited by author Sun Aug 24, '08 9:15pm PST


I am the poo - just ask me
Purred: Mon Aug 25, '08 7:10am PST 
true - I can be a naughty girl, but I am so cute momma loves me anyway

TCBM is afraid of thunder

Gizmo- (4/12/08 - 7/18/09)

Too Pretty For- My Fur!!!
Purred: Mon Aug 25, '08 12:30pm PST 
yes i fact when there's thunder i think my mommy's back is a tree and i run straight up to her shoulder and hide under her pony-tail!
TCBM likes baths kitty


Jack jack- the prince of- pounce
Purred: Wed Aug 27, '08 5:23am PST 
False - I don't like anything on my fur unless i'm getting affection from my Meowmie and Daddy.

TCBM: walks on a leash

PeekABoo The- Spunky- Angelkit

Everybody loves- me!
Purred: Thu Aug 28, '08 3:47am PST 
I don't walk on a leash **shudder!**, but my brofur, Apollo does! He wears clothes, too! What a silly boy-kit! shrug

TCBM has more than the usual toes (polydactl)...Apollo has those, too!
hamster dance


I'm not really a- GRUMP ;-)
Purred: Sat Aug 30, '08 6:02pm PST 
Nope, I just have the usual amount of toes big grinbig grinbig grin

TCBM likes to sleep on the window sill kittykittykitty


Purred: Sat Aug 30, '08 10:03pm PST 
Only when the sun is shining

TCBM snuggles under the blankets next to their human


Fat Cats Unite!
Purred: Sun Aug 31, '08 10:33am PST 

TCBM loves to play fight with younger kits


Little Orphan- Annie
Purred: Sun Aug 31, '08 10:40am PST 
True! I love to snuggle under the blankets, although sometimes I chase my people's toes under there.

The cat below me is not afraid of big dogs.


I'm not really a- GRUMP ;-)
Purred: Tue Sep 2, '08 9:35am PST 
Your right Annie big grinbig grin I LOVE big dogs cloud 9cloud 9 I grew up and lived with Labs all my life blue dogblue dog

TCBM likes to ride in the car dancingdancing

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