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The BoBo, The- Star Of The Bobo- Show
Purred: Sun Jul 27, '08 3:39pm PST 
Opens door and peeks in at all the doggies. Wow. Opens door and comes in. And Nibbles on a piece of beef jerky. Hi pals!


Chubby Jungle- Kitty
Purred: Mon Jul 28, '08 8:28am PST 
Good morning, everyfur!!! I hope I get a posty today!!! I'm off to check out Hazel Lucy's page, because it looks like she enjoys crocheting, too! kitty


Calgon take me- away...
Purred: Mon Jul 28, '08 3:32pm PST 
Hi everyfur! wave

This morning we had a wonderful rain shower & a good strong breeze.

Mom & Grandmom stood on the porch for a while & enjoyed it. Mom said the whole atmosphere felt more like Halloween.

I told her that it's not too far off. Bwahaha! I think I'll be a vampire this year, I already have the fangs for it. laugh out loud

Then it turned really muggy & hot so the air conditioner is back on. Too bad cause we all love sitting or laying in front of the screen door when it's open.


Chubby Jungle- Kitty
Purred: Tue Jul 29, '08 6:31am PST 
Good morning, furs! Just stopped in for some yogurt to start the day. We had some thunderstorms and lightening early this morning - I had fun watching out the window!! Have a fabulous day! blue dogway to go


Purred: Tue Jul 29, '08 9:38am PST 
Morning! wave (nibble nibble) ummm good greenieway to go


I'm not really a- GRUMP ;-)
Purred: Tue Jul 29, '08 10:09am PST 
Mornin' everyfurwavewavewave We had the air conditioing on yestrday, ahhhhhhh, nice and cool, just the way I like it happy dancehappy dancehappy dance It's better today, not so hot, so we have the windows open to let in the nice breeze big grinbig grinbig grinbig grin


Chubby Jungle- Kitty
Purred: Tue Jul 29, '08 10:50am PST 
That's great, Ollie! It can't decide what it's doing here - sunny one minute, cloudy the next. And HUMID! Icky and sticky! laugh out loud


Lady's Man
Purred: Tue Jul 29, '08 2:20pm PST 
Hot and dry herewave

Mom just came home from Hawaii and there it's hot, humid and sticky. She's glad to be dry again. Although, not looking forward to triple digit temps that will be here soon enough.

It's lovely here on the patio nibbling biskets and drinking iced water.way to go with furiends.happy dance


I rule the house
Purred: Tue Jul 29, '08 6:02pm PST 


I'm not really a- GRUMP ;-)
Purred: Wed Jul 30, '08 5:42am PST 
way to goway to goway to goway to go your right Sumo big grinbig grinbig grin I love ice water cloud 9cloud 9cloud 9

pawlease pass the kitty treats kittykittykitty

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