Sunrise and Rainbow's HUGE Move


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Purred: Wed Jun 25, '08 1:30pm PST 
We are moving out of the Country!!!!! (Don't worry we will still be on Catster. Does anycat have any suggestions on plane travel? (We will be sedated) We will start the journey going to Miami from Albany. Aprx. 10-12 hrs. We will stay for about a week and then Fly to Qatar with multiple stops. Aprx. 24 hrs.
Qatar is a peninsula off of Saudi Arabia and is 100-140 degrees. We will not be allowed outside.
So anycat got advice? Cat carriers? Can mewmy hold us mid-flight? (She wants to.)
This is a big step for the whole family and mewmy is very nervous. Pls purray for us.
Love Sunrise and Rainbow


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Oh Sunrise and Rainbow
What a trip you will have!
We went with Mom from Iowa to Hawaii once by plane... we had to be in a carrier during take off and landings but were under her seat during those times and right next to her for the remainder of the trip! Our doctor did give us something to help us stay relaxed during the flight but it was wonderful!
One of the flight attendants even gave us some water and loves!!!I
I'm sure you'll do great!! Please have a safe flight and we hope to see you soon


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Thanks so much Zoey. Mom really needed that.


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I don't have any advice but I just want to say good luck with your move. Let us know how it goes.


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They have airline approved under the seat carriers for small pets, mainly us kitties. Your Vet will know where to get them. I do not know how travel during the flights are now, but at one time once the seat belt sign went off, you were allowed to bring the pet out from under the seat. Check with the airlines ontheir own up to date pet rules. Also have ALL medical and vaccine records on hand! A copy within carrier but a copy on your pawrents also.

We pray all of you have a safe wonpurful trip! Please keep us updated!


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Thanks so much Pepper!! Good info.
Thanks Marina!


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Has anyone heard from Sunrise?
I hope that their move was a safe one!!


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forgot I had posted this is this group.

Our move was a success and everything is good in Doha. Except maybe the heat.
LOVE Sunrise