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I'm happy to say that 8 people showed up today for the search and rescue of my ferals and their babies.We nabbed 1 orange and white kitten who has now got a full belly and is sleeping with his buddies in my bathroom. 5 More to go!
I am sad to say, it's 99% definitive that all of the missing ferals are dead. It appears one or more of the homeless men that live in that area had a grudge about Big Old Tom attempting to catch his "pet chicken" and or the police being in the area. This 'man' took it upon himself to poison the ferals at 3 of the 4 feeding stations. He'd wait until I put out fresh food and water in clean bowls and when I left he'd put antifreeze in with dishes. I also spoke with a resident in the vicinity, who son is a veterinary student. They had 4 dogs poisoned by antifreeze last year.
I did call the police and a Sergeant came out and took a report and when the Animal Control Officer returns from vacation next week the case will be handled by him.
Many of us searched for the bodies of the cats as it will help to prosecute. It's horrible to say, but being that it's very warm here, the smell is unmistakable. Yet we did not find a body. There is a $150.00 reward for the body of one of OUR FERALS deemed to be poisoned by antifreeze. And even if we have that, it may not be enough to convict. And if convicted I'm not sure the punishment will fit the crime.
Which now forces me to turn to the police of New Smyrna Beach and ask them why are these derelict and harmful homeless people allowed to stay in this area with no questions asked.
If anyone knows of an agency or group that would lend it's expertise and knowledge to us in the finding of the bodies and or the prosecution of the guilty party, please forward this e-mail on to them.
Thank you,

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I am so very sorry to hear what has happened. I was hoping against hope that there was going to be a happy ending.

In regards to the 'man' who did this, in the words of Robert Heinlein, how we behave towards cats here below determines our status in Heaven. He may not face adequate consequences here, but he will eventually.

Bless you for all that you do. My family is sending many purrs to the survivors.

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I'm glad you were able to save one more, though.