An opportunity to make our Simba Cat of the Month

Wally aka Panda Boy

Sunshine Face
Purred: Mon May 26, '08 8:46pm PST 
I have been asked to pass on a message to you all from
Orca the Killer Kitten administrator of the groupBWAB
(Black and White Ankle Biters)will be voting for Cat of the Month. Simba will be a nominee.
Orca has asked everyone to go here on Saturday June 1st
Everyone is welcome to vote.
Love always

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Ming Ming- (always an- angel)

Lets Play
Purred: Mon May 26, '08 9:26pm PST 
My whole furmaly will go there and vote woo hoo this would be so wonderful CAT OF THE MONTH for simbasnoopy

Love MingMing

Tabby- (6/1/04 - 3/12/07)

Mommy's Angel
Purred: Tue May 27, '08 2:13am PST 
I'd be happy to! way to go

Lacey (In- Loving- Memory)

See you later.
Purred: Tue May 27, '08 5:48pm PST 
Oh most definitely we'll be there...cheer

Domino- (2002-2003)

Purred: Tue May 27, '08 11:00pm PST 
My brother Orca wanted me to pop in and clarify the cat of the month. Normally he has it on the last Saturday of the month which would actually be March 31.....Sorry wally if he gave you the wrong date. He also wanted me to tell everyone that he is going to try to plan a party on Saturday which will be held in the catster party forum so everyone is able to come.

The party is a spare of the moment thing. One of the BWAB's came up with a great idea and he is going to try to form it into a party for Simba. I will try to post more of the details closer to Saturday.