calling all mom and dad's and furpersons

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Me and mom are going to try to compose a book.

Since going through Simba's (loved)passing to the bridge, mom and I thought it would be a great idea t write a book about the stages of grieve that humans and other critters go through at this hard time.

Sooooo this is what mom and I are thinking we are asking you and your pawrents and guardians to write down, maybe their thoughts at the time of your crossing, and how you felt at certain dates like the next day, (Simbas Mom did an awesome job of this, that is where we got the idea) the first month, the first year, and several years later, like my mom lost her kitty Fritz she had for 22 years she got Fritz when she was 6 she went to the bridge when mom was 28, and she said that when she passed over, the light in her life went out and that as an adult she thought she should be handling it better but the little girl inside was heartbroken (or as Jen put it so much better shattered).

So we really don't have a structure yet, but we thought maybe it would help others that are going or about to go through the trip to the bridge.

My email is

Love MingMing

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Simba's Mom here: I LOVE this idea. I've never really done this before (I didn't know Shakes terribly long and her bond was more with her dad) and knowing what others go through would really help. Ming Ming, I can help with the early stages but not much else. I hope others will participate if they can. Cocoa & Co.'s mom might be willing to help too, Ming Ming. They're not in this group, least I don't think so.

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can you send them the link to my page I posted the idea there as well.

Glad you like it so very glad to see you

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MingMing, you have a wonderful idea! My Momma always says a little piece of her heart dies with each pet who leaves for The Bridge. Good thing that humans have big hearts, huh?
My Mommy had a really hard time with my passing because it was so sudden that she had no time to get used to even the idea that I wouldn't be around every day. It's been 3 years now and she still goes to my special places and sits quietly for me to lie on her lap. When bedtime comes, she closes her eyes and hopes for me to stomp out my place on the bed next to her so that she can cover me with the blanket. In summertime, Momma still hears my voice calling her to come play out on the deck where it's safe and the sun is shining. There isn't a day when I don't think of Momma and send a purr to her to let her know that I'm happy here at The Bridge and am waiting for the day she arrives so that we can all be together furrever.

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What a good idea. When Poppet died (it will be 3 years on 06 June) I was totally devastated. He was my little soulmate and all he wanted was my company - he just tolerated the other cats, apart from Gwinny, the little feral he mothered. I had an awful sinking feeling for at least a month and, although my other cats were a great comfort, all I wanted to do was hold him in my arms again. I got him at 8 weeks old - he had had petrol poured over him in a very bad area and he clung to me ever since. I had to bathe him constantly and he just let me do anything as he knew I was helping him. When I went to friends he went with me and always sat next to me purring on their couch as if he was joining in the conversation. He slept with me every night, never left my side when I was ill. It was the worst day of my life when he was diagnosed with stomach cancer, at only 9 years old. The vet thought it was probably from the petrol he digested when a kitten. He hated all the medication, but when I said "just have this for mummy" he would take it like a good boy. I got lots of cards and poems from friends when he died but couldn't look at them for weeks, it was too upsetting. I often see him out of the corner of my eye and, like Jen, feel him next to me at night. I still miss him so much and always will. He could be a little rogue at times and very persistent and if he wanted something he had to have it that very minute and always had to be fed first.
Nine days after Poppet died, I lost Vivaldi also to cancer very suddenly. He was my little comedien and brought so much laughter to the house. It was almost too much to bear and he was only 8. Most of my cats had lived to a good age, 18, 21 and even 26 and I felt cheated that Poppet and Vivaldi had died so young. I miss all my cats who have died but feel guilty that I miss Poppet the most. I think it is because he interacted with me the most and just loved me as much as I loved him and in his short life brought more happiness than I could ever have imagined.

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Mom is working on a question and answer sheet if you wouldn't mind filling it in, they are simple questions just to get your thoughts and feelings.

We would appreciate any and all kitty's and pawrents help.

We would also like to include a section for children and maybe how a parent can help with the transition, which is so hard for and adult loosing a live long loved one, it is hard on the children as well.

Mom is going to try and set up a website (this will be very funny as she has no clue what she is doing MOL)

But if you are interested in participating please email me and mom with your email address to

Thank you each and everyone of you, and hopefully from our lossess it will help someone else know what to expect.

Love MingMing

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wave that is nice. i would love to tell you all about all of my feeling for every different kitty. wink

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I have NEVER had a Kitty that devistated me like PEPPER did when she died. She was my Hubby's Cat and it took almost 2 years in our home before she would let me pick her up ,give her a kiss,pet her. The next day she went missing and then was murdered. I feel if she had lived longer she would have gone sitting on my lap. To this day everytime I write about her last few days I cry.


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any kitty or mom or dad can email me their story or stories at

Mom has just lost two more kits, one was hit by a car (Sweepea) and Moochie a dog killed her.

So mom knows full well what you are feeling, but of course it is different with each kit or any pet and for each person.

So please write us and let us know we would like to let people that what ever they feel is normal.

So many times people don't understand that our pets are like children or at the very least a part of the family, and there fore their loss is greatly felt.

Love MingMing