A special welcome and credit where credit is due.

Wally♥Forever Loved

Sophie\\\'s- Forever Love
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A special welcome to lovely Tabby
I am so glad to see you here.
I want everyone to know that I got the idea for
this group from the lovely welcome you gave my
friend Isaac
I was worried that you would think I am stealing...OK, I am.
You are here so I hope that means that it is OK with you.
Love always
PS I am putting this here instead of the messages cause I don't want it lost. I want everyone to know I am grateful to you. You are a very special kitty. hug

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Tutti - LAF

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Dear Wally -- nicely said!


Shakes Love- always!
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Wally DUDE!
thank you for letting us know what is going on and THANK YOU Wally's mom for helping set this up for Simba and her sweetie mommy!
We love you so dearly Wally
and we Love Simba and her family so very much too!
If there are two of the brightest ICONS of Catster they are the two of you!
Giving, Caring, Loving and hearts of purr GOLD!...er CATNIP!!!!
Thank you!!
*(*headbonks galore*)*
Spottie, Haley Jones and Angel Beaubeau
little angellittle angel

Wally♥Forever Loved

Sophie\\\'s- Forever Love
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Spot Dude! Love you too. But I am a bit uncomfortable. This an angel group and I am happy that you are still in the land of the living..this goes for all non angels. *Sigh*
Is it me?shrug
I am trying to get Simba's bestie, the orangie? Gordy to form a group to say goodbye..but this is welcoming committee.
I am going to let you guys decide.
I am simply too tired.
I love you all very much

It's Rizza's- Birthday

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With you dear Wally and the beautiful angel kitties you represent, I for one am confident that there can be no better welcoming committee than those who have put up their paws to guide our special friend Simba into the light of the Rainbow and beyond.

Headbonks and kitty kisses to you and Simba
LOve from Rizzy and all the Kangaroo Kitties x0x0x0x0

Tabby- (6/1/04 - 3/12/07)

Mommy's Angel
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Hi Wally (and all),

Of course I'm okay with it! The Angel Circle of Love wasn't originally my idea. I believe it was actually Gizmo that called for the first one a while back. It has evolved into something we do for special kitties who come to the bridge. We all meet them at the gate and spread our wings, showing them that they are not alone. little angel It's special, and we hope it gives comfort to the families.

With Isaac, because I was his guardian angel, I wanted it to be something REALLY special. And it was! It was the biggest Angel Circle of Love we've had to date! I hope and purr that Simba's is just as special for her.

Hugs to all! hug


Pepper an- ANGEL- 4everloved

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I have come to know so many beautiful Kittys who have some HAPPY SOULS up her a Rainbow Brige. I told MAMA I wish I were in less groups and only in Rainbow Groups but she told me I still have to visit my EarthFamily sometime and the other Groups were for visiting in.
Thank You for the invite. We will be waiting for her. Another Kitty passed today it was CK. He was in my Brother's Group. He was my Brother's Friend even though he was a Kitty. He will be missed .

Black Jack- (Angel)

Bravest Angel
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Purrrs to CK as well. We welcome him to The Bridge too. hug

My, every time I click on this group it has more members! We love our Simba!

Black Jack

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