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Mommy's Little- Man
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We live in central Florida. Right now I am concentrating my efforts on a colony of 11 cats behind a K-mart. 5 Males. 6 Females. I use a "Have-A-Heart" trap. My vet charges me $90. per male and $130. per female. She tests for Feleuk/FIV, 3 year rabies shot, neutering, ear notching and 1 round of "Revolution". I have trapped 8 but only treated 6 (2 females, 4 males)because the others were nursing females. I only have 1 un-neutered male left and he is a big, old Tom that only comes around to impregnate. I don't know how many kittens the 4 nursing mothers have as none of them have brought them out to feed altho it's been over 5 weeks since they gave birth.thinking
Please tell me about your colonies!

Angel- Piewackit

Tortietude? Yep- I have it!!
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Hi. My mom has a very small colony that she cares for. There is a smaller black kitty with half a tail and white socks, with a bit of white on it's mouth. She's never been able to get close to tell what sex. But, she calls it Boots. There is a tabby that is similiar in shape to Boots. Smaller but stocky. Has the same sort of white marking on it's mouth. She hasn't come up with a name yet. And there are a couple younger cats that come around at night to eat out of the bowl of food she leaves out.

*Gypsy*~Lost- 7-04-2006

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Wow! This group is a great idea. Mimi loves me and misses me so much. She was sad for a long time after I disappeard. You see she had me for quite a while before she even knew what a feral was. Now she learns every thing she can to honor my memory. She hopes this group will promote the idea that ferals have a purpose for being on this planet and should not be discarded or disregarded. She wants peoples to understand there are many ways ferals can be protected and cared for.

Best REgards,


Mommy's Little- Man
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Yeay Gypsy!
You tatally have the right idea! cheer
I started taking photos of my ferals and adding them to my Family.
Have any of you trapped and neutered your ferals?


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It's Stella. We have a very small colony--it's down to one cat now! We started with two in 2006, a Momcat and one of her older kittens. Then she kept having kittens, until at one point there were seven outside cats. Of her ten kittens, we have three--me, Queenie and Fluff, now inside cats--two were given away to people, and the rest, five, disappeared and we are afraid that the local coyote ate. [Our person has seen him, he is huge, and also our neighbor saw him chasing some of the kittens once.] Momcat disappeared last fall, after leaving off her last litter of two kittens, and now there is only Blackcat. We keep feeding him and want to catch him and get him fixed, because he is always getting into fights, but so far no luck.

Purrs to you all from the formerly feral Grays, on a very nice day that makes us all want to be outside cats again! wave

Trailer Kitties (at old house)

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Hi! We're the Trailer Kitties of Portland, OR. There are at least 7 of us who are actually feral, and maybe more.

Shadow = two year old female, fixed and eartipped by previous tnr people, maybe has other people still as well.
Tom-tom = relative of Shadow's, under a year old, not fixed.
Dot = three year old male, fixed and eartipped by us, abandoned as a kitten.
Tux = Dot's brother/littermate, not fixed.
Big-head kitty = adult tom, not fixed, lives in our laundry room.
Mama Kitty = adult female, not fixed, lives in the neighbor's yard.
Rikki = teenage kitten of Mama Kitty, not fixed.

There is also another sibling of Rikki, younger than he/she is, that lives in a field down the road from us. Haven't seen it at our bowl yet. Spongebob and Chubby are pets that eat sometimes at our bowl, and Spongebob brought Shadow there the first time.

We caught Rori and Knut when they were kittens. Their mom is Mama Kitty, Knut's dad is a pet, and Rori's dad is Big-head kitty.