Need advice from other cat owners regarding peeing problem...


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Purred: Sat Apr 5, '08 10:10am PST 
Are there any other trouble maker cats out there who pee in places they shouldn't and is there any advice? Layla had a UTI when she was a kitten and we were warned by the vet that her inappropriate urinating may stick with her. Unfortunately three years later it has... We have two different types of boxes that we clean daily and we have had to lock the doors of certain rooms in the house (her brother is able to open all doors in the house, so locking is the only way to keep the cats out). In particular she loves peeing on things with a strong scent of her daddy - clothes, a chair he frequently sits on, and most recently, shoes. We have tried pheremone (sp?) spray with limited success. We won't give up on her because she is sooo cute, but her destruction is frustrating. We are even considering a cat behavior specialist - any success with them? HELP!!!


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Purred: Fri Apr 18, '08 7:52pm PST 
Yes! There is a wonderful guy here in Colorado, and I think he will work over the phone. He has been GREAT for a lot of the adopters from our shelter. Go to and look at the FAQ page. There is a lot of good info on behavior consulting there. There is probably also a great flower essence combination which could help. It is a great web page with tons of info.

Also, we are sure you have probably heard this before, but do you have a lot of clean boxes around the house? And are you sure that the litter is agreeable to Layla? You probably have, but it never hurts to ask. We use Attract a Cat at the shelter and it is pretty great.

Good luck! way to go