When's Your Birthday?

Ambro - Ambrogino

Life is good!
Purred: Sat Apr 5, '08 8:57am PST 
We'd like to be able to cellybrate everyone's birthdays, so if you like, leave a post with your birthday!!


How may I pounce- you today?
Purred: Sat May 3, '08 9:49pm PST 
Howdy Everypurr. My birthday is Sept. 20th. This year I will be 2!cheer


I wuv my gal- Pansy
Purred: Sun May 11, '08 5:41am PST 
I will be 13 on June 14th, I hope 13 isnt unlucky MOL


Trouble is my- middle name!
Purred: Mon Jun 23, '08 7:36am PST 
Mine is Jan 15 smile


Calgon take me- away...
Purred: Sun Jun 29, '08 5:31pm PST 
I'll be turning 8 years old on November 13th. cheer


Girls Just Wanna- Have Fun
Purred: Tue Jul 1, '08 4:11pm PST 
My birthday is next week on July 7 and I'll be 7! cheer


Wild Woman!
Purred: Tue Jul 1, '08 4:14pm PST 
My birthday is November 26. And my brother Murray has decided to change his to coordinate with mine since he didn't really know when he was born.

It's been kind of much to have 2 so close together! We'll be 3 this year.


Crazy Harry
Purred: Sun Aug 3, '08 11:51am PST 
My birthday is September 24 and I'll be one year old! I'm 1o months now.

Big Bad Baby- Twinkle

You want ME to- BEHAVE????!!!!
Purred: Wed Oct 1, '08 6:46am PST 

Oktoburr FURST!!!

* * Gets on Meen Modorsykul, and VROOOMS off to da neerist KatfooD Peetza Parlor * *