Bo - Blessed- Angel

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Purred: Tue Apr 1, '08 8:15pm PST 
We're new Catservatives here! We're purrrring loudly that there are conservatives here at Catster. I found the Democats first and they have lots of kitties! I hope this group grows and grows! wave

Onyx (angel)- who loves HL

Onyx - Bug Slayer and- Foot Mauler
Purred: Thu Apr 3, '08 12:55pm PST 
Hi Bo! wave Welcome to the group! Not too much going on here recently, let's change that!


Kissi (key-sea)

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Purred: Fri Apr 4, '08 6:27am PST 
Hi, I'm new here too. Glad I found you, some of the stuff that goes on in this world is down right scary. It's good to find others who are conservative too.


Foster Dad
Purred: Fri Apr 4, '08 6:28am PST 
Hi, I'm new also.

I'm Kissi's annoying brother.laugh out loud

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Kissi (key-sea)

I aim to please!
Purred: Fri Apr 4, '08 6:45am PST 
Mom says "PRAISE THE LORD" after reading through the list of your group links.


Tabitha- (1997-2015)

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Purred: Sat Apr 5, '08 1:46pm PST 
Hey guys!! Welcome to all the new members!!!!! Glad to have you here!!!!